One Time I Threw Up in the Sink ...

4th grade class picture, ten year old girl, 80s nostalgia
(Me, age 10)

There's been a request for me to write about the time I threw up in the sink.

I was probably 9 or 10, and this is what I remember: I needed to throw up, so I ran to the bathroom. The first thing I saw was the sink, and that's where everything came up.

Mom was upset that I hadn't thrown up in the toilet (which was right next to the sink). Why hadn't I run two feet farther to the toilet? I didn't know.

I remember it was a pain to clean up, but I don't remember actually doing it myself. I think Mom did.

Anyway, I've never thrown up in a sink again. I have done worse, though.

The first day back from school after cutting my finger off (5th grade), the painkiller I was taking didn't agree with me. I ran out the door of the classroom, flinging a, "I need to throw up!" out there, sprinted down the hall and around the corner, put both hands on the door to the bathroom, and shoved at the exact same time I erupted.

When I finally emerged from cleaning off my hands and arms, the janitor was in the hall mopping up. I felt bad.