Question: Are Nerds Cool?

"Me!" and "I do!" have replaced "No" and "No way!" as Linus' favorite phrases. We can easily get him to do what we want by taking advantage of this.
Me: I need someone to throw this away. Linus, will you do it?
Linus: Me?!?!
Me: Yes.
Linus: Nah!!! (translation: OK!!!)

After he's already told me he doesn't want to do something:
Me: Ok, Linus. You can do it or Mom can do it.
Linus: I do!!! (And sprints off to do it.)

The nerd genes are over-expressed in this one:

toddler in goggles
We read about Alma and Amulek and the fire last night.
Ruby: I didn't even know they had fires back then!

And the cool genes are over-expressed in this one:

little girl in hulk hogan sweater
Moses: Mom! A bee stinged me on the ear really soft! It didn't even hurt!

Hmmm, are you sure that was a bee sting, Moses?

Moses sometimes likes to pretend he's selling us food at the park.
Moses: Dad, do you want a hot dog?!
Woo: Of course!

Moses runs over with a pinecone.
Woo pretends to eat it, drops it on the ground behind him.
Moses: Where is it?
Woo: I ate it!
Moses (incredulous look on his face): You ate a pinecone?!
Woo (acting shocked): You told me it was a hot dog!

Moses spent the rest of our time there periodically attempting to taste pinecones and wood chips.

Me: Do you guys see the rainbow?
Moses: Rainbow? Where's the rainbow?
Rainbow! RAINBOW!!!

Where's the rainbow?

My little Herbie's growing up:
Me: Look at you, Herbie -- carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs all by yourself!
Herbie (so proud): I know, Mom! And I can do basketball shoots and front flips!
I'm just love that carrying vacuums is even associated with those other two.


brothers nerds
I stepped up my running recently, so as not to embarrass myself too much at Ragnar (and to get serious about shedding that lingering 10 lbs).

One thing I've noticed about running around town (and I saw this on my mission too) is that the more people see you, the more they start to think that they know you. They'll smile and wave; leave a comment or two, and when you see them in other situations, they think of you as an old friend.

An added plus for socially awkward people, like myself.

When you have 5 kids, your safety standards will go out the window too.

mom carrying two kids on lowrider bicycle baby wearing
If Penelope can hear Woo's voice, she'll look all around and call, "Da da da!" It's kind of annoying when I'm trying to nurse her. She may like to call Woo the most, and she may like to wave at him the most, but she does not like him to hold her when she's mad/tired/hurt.

In those situations only Mom will do.

I don't know if you know this, but babies have gigantic heads.

baby sitting big head
We are now a 2 cell phone family, and one of them is ... an android.

Woo's working on a new app, and he got it for development. Since he's gotten it, Woo's been wishing his iPhone also had a kickstand, and wishing his iPhone was just a little bit bigger, and wishing that his iPhone vibrated a bit every time he touched the face of it ...

No really, he's been getting frustrated by all of those things. It's mine to use when he's done with it, and he's doing quite the sales job.

At the intersection of nerd and cool:

wheelie trials bike

Did everyone else have a good week?