Valley of Goblins

family hike, southern utah, camping with kids
(Woo considers this a family photo; that's his shadow waving in the corner)

After a camping-less, road trip-less summer last year (with me being pregnant and then on newborn duty), we headed off as soon as we could this year.

road trip with kids, happy toddler carseat
Linus illustrates the happy state we all were in to be on the road.

Penelope illustrates the cramped state of our car.

road trip with kids, camping with kids
We headed for Goblin Valley, where the temperatures are warm, and the hikes are a kids' (and adults'?) wonderland.

Just the parking lot alone, proved to be riveting.

Woo: I think this must be what heaven is like: backhoes, dump trucks -- dumping dirt, hoodoos, and ... kids.

The kids sprinted down the trail and scattered,

little boy, goblin valley, climbing on hoodoos, kids
climbing over, through,

toddler, goblin valley, hoodoos
and around the hoodoos.

little boy, goblin valley, sitting on hoodoos
And then Woo had to show off.

man jumping between hoodoos
After Goblin Valley, Woo took Ruby and Herbie on a slot canyon hike in Little Wild Horse Canyon.

little wild horse canyon, kids, slot canyon hike
The loop was a little over 8 miles, and they did it in about 4 hours.

kids in a slot canyon, little wild horse canyon
Woo only had to carry them each for a small bit (during a boring part).

little girl in a slot canyon, little wild horse canyon
While they were gone, the littles and I attempted to take a nap (no go, but we did get some nice quiet time).

Then we did a little hike of our own.

little boy holding rocks, hiking
Some fascinating rocks were collected, but proved difficult to carry for long distances.

toddler holding rocks, hiking
That didn't stop them from trying. Over and over again.

Miraculously, despite my kids choosing to hike in shoes like these, we didn't have any blisters.

bad shoes for hiking, blisters
And in spite of our imaginations occasionally getting away from us,
Moses: I thought Dad was super dead, Ruby! You thought he was really dead!
The only bandaid we used on the whole trip was for this unfortunate tear on our pass.

bandaid used as tape on tear
Of course, we had to stop at the DI in Price on the way home. For some reason, this DI always has treasures.
Woo: I don't want to get my hopes up, but ... the last time I was here, was my best DI trip ever!

family at DI, deseret industries, thrift store, price, utah, tail-gating
It definitely wasn't the best, but Woo did find a nice, fitted, grey suit, and I found this:

80s women's jumpsuit, thrift store
I'll be able to find somewhere to wear it, right?

toddler sleeping in carseat, road trip with kids
Linus finally got that nap he'd been fighting, on the way home.