Bad Words

short hair girl
Ruby's experiences at school have led her to make some comments on bum size ("bum" is a bad word in Kindergarten, btw.):
Me: Ruby! Her bum isn't big! You just think everyone has a big bum because your bum is so little!

Ruby: No, I don't! I think you have a little bum.

And my uncle.

Me: Your uncle?

Ruby: Tyson. You and my Uncle Tyson have little bums.
Congratulations, Tys?

boys pretending to drive a car
And speaking of bad words, Moses has discovered that he can make his siblings laugh by saying all the bad words he/they know when they think I'm not listening.

Moses: Butt!





(even more laughter...)
I've tried to tell them that "hip-bum" is not a bad word, but no one believes me. Moses even sang a song one day that consisted of the sentence, "Hip-bum is a bad word!" over and over again.

You'd think the fact that I didn't care at all that he was saying it would have been some indication ...

Have you or your kids ever used a word as if it were "bad," when it really wasn't?  And how long until my kids discover that all the bad words they know are very, very tame?