Bawling Down the Street (Part 2)

You can read Part 1 of Bawling Down the Street here.

80s family picture olan mills
(Josey and Tyson around the time of this story. Or maybe a little younger.)

Lots of kids grow up with dogs, and are very comfortable with them, but we did not.

We lived in a little duplex with a chain link fence running around the entire back yard. On one side lived a couple of large huskies, and on the other side lived a couple of loud, lively and (looking back now) small dogs.

I don't remember ever having any interest in the dogs, but Tyson and Josey discovered that they could play with the dogs through the fence. The smaller dogs were the most fun (and probably less scary. We were chickens, remember?).

One day Tyson and Josey were really having a good time. They were yelling, running up to the fence, running away, possibly poking some sticks through the fence, laughing, etc.

And those dogs were going crazy. I imagine they were dying to get over that fence to romp and play with those little boys.

The dogs jumped higher and higher, which made Tyson and Josey laugh and tease even more.

Eventually Jos and Tys decided to move around to the front of the yard where the fence was shorter. A big mistake (well, from their perspective).

The dogs easily cleared that fence, and even though they were little, didn't seem so little when you were little yourself. Not to mention that they could jump into your face.

Tyson and Josey acted like they were being attacked by a swarm of hornets: swatting, running around blindly, and screaming. Tyson, in particular, had a high pitched, neighborhood-carrying scream :).

The dogs were having the time of their life, but my brothers were rescued before too long by a neighbor.

It took a long time for them to get over that.

Well, actually, they may still not be over it. Neither is a dog lover, but at least they don't slink away and hide whenever they see a dog now. (I don't think).