Being Left Out of the Joke

baby wearing wig in roasting pan
(Me wearing my Grandma's awesome 60s hat that I finally own a replica of!)

I remember being babysat by my Aunt Pat twice. The first time I was playing with Barbies at her house. Aunt Connie and Uncle Scott were also there.
Connie or Pat: Come on guys, Let's go hang out at Barbie's house!

Me (as Barbie): Ken, ask your mom if you can come over and play!
They laughed and laughed.

I had no idea why.  I guess it had been a long time since any of them had asked their Mom if they could go somewhere to play ...

mom dad and little girl 70s or 80s
(Mom, Dad & Me)

The second time, I remember driving from Grandma's house to Pat's with Roy.
Me: When are we going to be there?

Pat: Really soon.

Me: How soon?

Pat: If you count to ten, we'll be home.

Me (dubious): I can count to ten really fast.

Pat: Ok!

Me: 12345678910!
And we pulled into the driveway.


Anyone else remember doing something totally serious as a kid, that everyone else thought was funny?  Anyone remember "miracles" that turned out to not be so miraculous once you were older?