Dandelion Pop

little boy blowing dandelion seeds instagramWoo decided to wage war on the dandelions in our yard last year. He spent hours pulling them up from our lawn, and this year he's started out strong.

We're the only ones on the block trying to get rid of our dandelions, and (oddly enough) the only ones with a back pasture that looks like this:

little boy blowing dandelion seeds instagram
Yes, they're spreading to the lawn, large crops sprouting up, seemingly, overnight. I keep thinking Woo will give up, but I don't think he can, for some reason.

Maybe it's the spirit of the old man, Vernon, who lived here before we did, and also couldn't leave the dandelions alone, we're told.

little boy blowing dandelion seeds instagramRemember Herbie's sloppy outfit from last week? When he wore the exact same thing for his class field trip this week, we began to think that he thought he was dressed up.
Woo: Is that your special occasion outfit, Herbie?

Herbie: No!!!

But, I was going to wear it for Valentines Day ...
baby girl sitting in front of dandelions instagram
These shameless dandelions are growing in the park, not our yard.

The kids have some friends in school who are (or claim to be) half-Indian, half-Mexican, etc. Herbie tried really hard to be half-something himself.
Herbie: Dad, we're half-pilgrim.

Right, Mom?

Mom said we're half-pilgrim.

Me: Er ... I might have said we're descendants of pilgrims ...

Herbie: See, Dad, we're half-pilgrim!
little boy and baby girl sitting in front of dandelions instagram

We hadn't seen our next door neighbor for a couple of days. Someone suggested that he was out of town, but Moses had other ideas.
Moses: He's being eaten by dinosaurs!!

Me: Oh?

Where do dinosaurs live, Moses?

Moses: Africornia!!
An exotic, dangerous place, if I've ever heard one.

little boy and baby girl sitting in front of dandelions instagram
Penelope has some serious stranger anxiety these days. She will NOT give someone she doesn't know a smile. It does not matter what they do or how goofy they are: tough luck!

Also, if someone she doesn't know is sitting by her, no toy is captivating enough or food delicious enough to be enjoyed. It is a catastrophe!

Of course, if Mom is holding her, then anyone can be tolerated.

father and baby girl instagram
Ruby's class performed an opera that they wrote about the seasons. Ruby was one of the lucky few who got to represent winter.

It was pretty clear that she was roasting in her snow pants, coat, boots and hat --- she kept trying to discretely remove her coat during the (pretty darn long) opera. Combine that with the fact that the opera was held close to her bedtime, and you have Ruby, in a dazed stupor, on stage.

little girl in cast riding bike instagram
This is not a dazed stupor. I've decided it's impossible (for me anyway) to take decent pictures in an auditorium.

Linus keeps talking a little bit more, and a little bit more. Some of his favorites are "Backhoe!! Mom! Backhoe!" (This applies to tractors and all heavy machinery, as well as backhoes.) "Bike!" and his all time favorite, "Buk-ket Bawl! Buk-ket Bawl!"

He's saying, "Basketball," but he loves it so much that he'll yell it at balloons or anything even vaguely round or even repeat it over and over again at nothing in particular.

little toddler boy in pink toy car instagram
I've started to go on twice-a-day runs three times a week in preparation for Ragnar. The bad news is: I never feel good. Every run is painful. The good news is: I am getting faster.

Well, that's about it for our week. Anyone else actually pull dandelions out by hand? Come on, you spray them, don't you? (If you care about them at all.)

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  1. You'll just have to try this recipe.

    1. Ha! We actually looked into eating dandelions a couple of years ago, Kathryn. Obviously we didn't look into it enough, because somehow we got the idea that there was a small harvesting window, and we'd missed that window. I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and try some stuff out. Thanks!

  2. Once when I was about ten, my dad offered me one cent for every dandelion I picked out of the yard (roots and all). I think he thought he was getting off cheap, but when I was finally done, he owed me $21.00!

    1. Wow, Lauren! That is A LOT of dandelions! You must really be motivated by money :).

    2. Haha... I guess I sure used to be as a kid :) I remember that $21.00 seemed like winning the lottery!

    3. $21.00 is a lot for a 10 year old!!

  3. Hey Cheltz! I LOVE that you leave comments on my blog Mormon Mommy Musings. Thank you for every one! Your children are adorable, and I can't wait to read the remodeling posts of your 100 year old house. Glad we could "meet" each other!

    1. Well, every good post deserves a comment! Thanks for stopping by, Emily!

  4. I love children's wild imagination and their cute response especially Moses'! Always makes me laugh so hard.

    PS: Maybe when he sees your next door neighbor coming back, he will get different ideas. ;)

    1. Thanks, Rene! We're not quite sure about Moses -- is he saying stuff because he knows that it's funny, or is he saying stuff because he's a little kid? With him, I think it's a bit of both :).

  5. Me. I do and I can't help myself! They so smug looking when I check the back window each morning. Jason wears a blue hospital mask when he mows the lawn to relieve allergy symptoms and with the two of us out there I'm sure the neighbors are adverting their eyes and rubbing their foreheads.

    1. Sounds like quite the scene, Kay! I think we all look pretty crazy to the neighbors sometimes. I don't know what drives to do it. I've never actually asked him, but I should!

  6. I just love reading about your kids! and wow I can imagine all those dandelions are keeping Woo busy! Ruby's shoes and Penelope's curled toes make me smile, btw. Too cute! :)

    1. Thanks, Whitney! I didn't even notice Penelope's toes -- had to go back and check after reading your comment. Very observant!