Not Much This Week

boy shielding eyes from sun instagram
The kids were not too excited that I was going for another Saturday (lunch and a movie with Mom, sister & sis-in-law).
Ruby: Dad will make us do stuff that's not even fun!
That we don't even like!

Herbie: Like reading books for a long time!
Ruby: And going potty all the time!
Moses: I LOVE going potty all the time!

Instead, it appears that they spent a large part of their Saturday without me, teaching Linus to say this:

I also like how they act like Woo's so boring and I'm so fun -- everyone knows I'm the boring one. Besides, it doesn't take much to entertain these kids.

Linus acts like he's just been released from prison every time he gets outside.

toddler running on path instagram
They could feed horses all day, if Woo and I didn't keep moving kids on to get to our destination. (Why was that so important again?)

kids and dad feeding horses instagram
Maybe we should get the kids their own bumper. They were pretty fascinated by their reflections in it. Moses was especially creative.

boy making reflection in bumper instagram
Throwing any object (but especially rocks) in water is always a crowd pleaser.

little boy and girl on lake dock mountains instagram
And all of our kids spend the majority of their time outside in the patch of dirt behind the shed.

Maybe someday we'll get them a sandbox ...


little boy playing with cars in dirt instagram
They'd probably use it as much as they use the swing set and trampoline (occasionally).

toddler boy and dad sitting on rock instagram
This week we also learned that Ruby is either not very self-aware, or doesn't know what the word "shy" means.
Ruby: I'm shy.
Me: Ruby, you are probably the least shy person I know.
Ruby: I'm shy when I meet new people.
Woo: Ruby, when you meet new people, you immediately run up to them and say,"Hi! I'm Ruby! How old are you?"
Ruby: I'm shy at school ...
Uh huh ...

And I learned how to make photo collages this week:

toddler boy in tie instagram
baby girl sits in grass instagram
baby girl in mothers lap instagram
Amazing, I know, but not everyone can be the sharpest tool in the shed :).