Paneling Done + Birthday Purchases

Penelope and I went shopping for my birthday, and we picked up a few things for the house. I was the most excited for this mirror I got for $10 at the thrift store:

large antique scrolly mirrorI've been looking for a mirror with scrolly edges for that wall just behind it for awhile. I plan on painting it, maybe next week.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch about me painting that nice wooden frame, let me let you in on a little secret: It's not wood. It's painted plastic.

I also picked up some more pillows for the window seat in the dining room. I'm not totally sold on what's going on there ... and one of those pillows is on loan from the living room, so we'll see.

ruffle throw pillows window seatLastly, I got a couple of frames for %40 off. They're living in the bedroom right now, and I did get two of them, but they're not exciting enough to post more than one picture.

picture frame 40s waterfall vanity dresser with round mirrorWork in the kitchen continues on. The kitchen is a total disaster area, but all the paneling is cut, up and attached.

kitchen install panelingIt looks pretty dark in there currently, but it's nothing that a little white paint can't fix.

kitchen install panelingWe also have plans to replace that white door (you see above), with a door with a window. There's a window behind it, and it will let in a bunch more light.

kitchen install panelingNext up: molding!