A Week of Triumphs and Failures

Both Ruby and Herbie had big days on Friday. Herbie had his kindergarten program, and Ruby had her Show-n-Teach, where she taught something to her entire class.

Friday morning, I reminded Ruby that she had her Show-n-Teach, and suggested that she put on something nice.

She came down wearing this:

little girl teaching classI thought to myself: Hmmm ... Well. What do I care? and said, "Ok."

Fail for fashion? Triumph for individual choice?

Anyway, I completely forgot about Herbie until I walked past the bus stop at the start of my run, and saw a sharply dressed kid waiting for the bus.

I wondered why he was so dressed up, until I remembered the kindergarten program.

This is Herbie and the second sloppiest kid there:

kindergarten program
(Sorry for the bad pic taken with the phone from the back of the room.)

Ruby struggled a lot deciding what to teach her class. She finally decided on "How to Make Two Paper Airplanes Crashing into One Another."

It turns out that just teaching how to make 1 paper airplane would've been teaching 3/4 of the class something.

Ruby did a great job, using a couple of techniques she'd clearly learned from her teacher, "Raise your hand, if you're done!"

She even had every single kid's attention a couple of times. Something I'm not sure I could trust myself to do with a roomful of 7 yr olds.


little girl teaching classWe knew Herbie had a speaking part in his program, but we were pleasantly surprised when he walked up to the microphone and sang a solo. Mostly on tune even. He hadn't told us a thing about it, and we'd never even heard him sing the song. Woo thought it was so cute, he's been asking him to sing it again and again for us.


My birthday was this week. Woo and the kids (mostly Woo) made me a delicious breakfast of eggs, toast and homemade grape juice.

Woo watched the kids while Penelope and I went shopping (alone! *mostly*) for most of the day.

mom wearing baby instagram
When I got home, I saw that they had cleaned the house and made me cards.

Thank you!!


four kids with homemade birthday cards
While discussing birthday spankings:
Woo: Herbie, you get 6, because you're 6!
Moses: And mom gets 81!
Er, not quite, Moses ...

Linus smashed his finger outside about a week ago. His fingernail was barely dangling on there, and he kept requesting a bandaid over his, "Ouch!"

One morning I got him up, and the finger was swollen with pus. The night before I had thought, "I should put some Neosporin on that ... "

But I didn't, and it got infected.

Mom fail.

Woo drained it, soaked it in rubbing alcohol, applied iodine and triple antibiotic ointment and bandaged it. The doctor's office said: just keep that up.

A triumph, soon. Hopefully.

I was surprised on Thursday morning to look at Design*Sponge (like I always do), and see my own dining room there.

I thought they'd passed me up because of the poor quality of my images (because let's be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing there ...), so it was quite the surprise!

Also, apparently, I'm the only person in the whole, entire world who thinks that I painted my dining room gray. A blueish gray, yes, but still gray. And it's not just monitors changing the color. I get compliments on the blue in my dining room from people actually standing in it all the time.

Aside from that, triumph.

Was your week a roller coaster like ours? How much control do you take in what your kids wear? Has anyone ever mistaken you for being 81?