Is it July yet??

This wasn't the best week. I guess we were recovering still from last week. I was originally going to say that Woo and I were the crankiest and tiredest, but towards the end of the week, Linus gave us a run for our money.

Back when the kids first got out of school, Woo sat down with each of the kids to talk about a goal for them to accomplish and a reward. Moses got to go to a candy store and pick out whatever he wanted in return for not sucking his thumb at night or during naps for a week. Ruby gets to go out to lunch with Dad in return for a week of excellent table manners. And Herbie gets to go camping with Dad in return for controlling his temper for a week.

Well, Moses earned his candy and he, Woo and Linus made a special trip to the store to pick it out. Woo let Moses out of the cart, and 2 seconds later his arms were full with whatever was closest.

little boy holding candy aisle instagram
This was Linus when Woo told him he didn't get to get out and pick out treats.

little toddler boy disappointed grocery cart instagram
Woo was able to talk Moses into picking out a giant bag of gummi bears to get the most bang for his buck, and he also picked out a bag of licorice. Most candy Moses has ever had to his name ever. He's been very, very generous sharing it though.

little boy and toddler boy in car seats holding candy instagram
Woo: Moses, we're going to keep the candy in my office so no one else will eat it, but no one can eat it unless you share some with them --even Mom and Dad.

Moses: Dad, what if the bears wake up in the middle of the night and scare you?!

Woo: Are you scared of gummi bears, Moses?

Linus: I do!!
Penelope still doesn't have a real crawl, but she's definitely getting around. The entire first floor is her oyster.

baby girl under table instagram
This is Ruby in her homemade soldier costume. You might not be able to tell that she's wearing a plastic bag as a shirt. That's armor. I think the ad attached to her chest is a shield.

little girl dressed in plastic bag
Woo decided to pursue fame and fortune by making a movie for the town's 4th of July movie contest.

little boys dressed as princess bride fezzik vincini the man in black inigo montoya instagram
Can you tell what it's a parody of?


More Hiding Places

little toddler girl 70s instagram
Under the dinner table at my Grandma's house was another of my favorite spots. My Grandma went all-out setting the table for Sunday dinner. She'd drape a nice table cloth over the table and put out her best dishes.

I liked to sit under the table after I finished eating. It felt like I was in a tent in there, under the table cloth, and I just listened to the chatter and stared at everyone's shoes.

Once a friend of my Uncle's from Toronto came to visit. She was exotic and black, wearing traditional African clothes. I thought she was beautiful, and I was absolutely fascinated by everything about her, from her hair, to her colorful clothes, to her rich voice. As soon as I was done eating, I sat right in front of her under the table so I could stare at her beautiful, long skirt and dainty shoes without being observed.

But the shoes were too tempting for me. I reached out to touch them,

which prompted a comment from her to the other adults at the table.

And that was the end. I was told to run outside, and was never allowed under there again.

Where did you guys like to hide? And was it really secret? Or did the adults in your life only tolerate it?


Families Are Forever

family in escalante state park instagram
(2nd from right)

Tuesday morning we got a call that Dalen, Woo's nephew had died.

First, we cried for Dalen. Then for his mom. And then for his twin brother, who found him.

Then Woo broke the news to the kids:
... But, we believe in the Plan of Salvation and that families can be together forever ...

Linus (smiling brightly): Jesus!
After awhile, Woo decided to drive down and spend a night or two at his sisters' and do anything he could to help her and her kids. I "helped" by keeping my kids out of everyone's way. They really wanted to be involved, though.
Ruby: I want to help!!

Me: What do you want to do to help, Ruby?

Ruby: The laundry. I want to do the laundry.

Herbie: I want to make the lunch.

Ruby: We can make sandwiches for the kids!

Moses: I can make sandwiches! (He just learned last week.)
We settled on making cards for everyone. Ruby put a lot of thought and effort into each one. Herbie kind of petered out halfway through, and Moses insisted on drawing a picture for Dalen himself.

They all had recently seen Dalen when we'd visited one of Woo's sisters last month, and they all liked him.

The kids kept telling me all day, "I don't feel good today, Mom. Because Dalen died."

brothers and sister southern utah instagram
(2nd from left)

All of Woo's 6 other siblings flew or drove in within 24 hrs. Woo's parents also flew in for a week from their mission in Hong Kong, to give mourn with and give comfort to Dalen's family, and to attend the funeral.

Woo spent many hours during the week working on a video tribute that played at the viewings and was sent to family members afterwards.

My grandma lives close to the church the funeral was at, so Penelope and Linus were able to nap at her house, while the rest of us were in the church.

We heard fun stories about Dalen, about his love of tinkering and building and experimenting, of his fun-loving personality, and love of baseball. Woo also really liked this quote that the Bishop gave in his remarks:
The only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life.
After the family dinner, Dalen's twin brother got out the trebuchet (form of catapult) that Dalen had made, and launched candy at the kids.

trebuchet catapult launching candy instagram

Every family also got to take home some of the candles Dalen had made. Thank you, Dalen. You will be missed!



little girl arm cast instagram


My Dad makes me happy when we have a Daddy Day.
My favorite book to read with Dad is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
My favorite game to play with Dad is Sorry! 
My Dad is really good at making smashed potatoes and gravy.
When I grow up, I want to be like my Dad because he makes movies and stuff.
My Dad loves it when I'm good.
My Dad is the best Dad in the world because he makes apps.

little boy instagram


My Dad makes me happy when he has my Daddy Day.
My favorite book to read with Dad is Lightning McQueen.
My favorite game to play with Dad is Sorry! 
My Dad is really good at cooking Daddy Day drinks.
When I grow up, I want to be like my Dad because he is awesome.
My Dad loves it when I play with him.
My Dad is the best Dad in the world because he lets us have Daddy Days.

little boy instagram


My Dad makes me happy when he tells me that he's going to take me to the candy store.
My favorite book to read with Dad is Lightning McQueen and cars.
My favorite game to play with Dad is Lightning McQueen and Sorry! And Candyland.
My Dad is really good at cooking fruits.
When I grow up, I want to be like my Dad because I like him.
My Dad loves it when I give him hugs.
My Dad is the best Dad in the world because he likes me.


Hiding Places

close up little toddler girl 70s instagramOne of the fun things about being a kid is hiding everywhere. All the time.

One of the not fun things is that adults always find you eventually.

I was one of those kids who was most comfortable hiding when people came to visit. I wanted to observe the action, even if I didn't actually want to participate in it, so I'd hide as close to it as possible.

When my grandparents from Wisconsin would come to visit, we'd go to the store. We'd load up on near-beer for them (gag!), and ice cream and ice cream cones for the rest of us. Us kids would be put to bed, and we'd have to listen to everyone else up laughing (mostly my Grandpa), until we finally fell asleep.

One time I had the brilliant plan to hide behind the couch after I was supposed to be in bed. I don't remember how I got there or how the room had been empty enough for me to sneak into position, but I remember sitting silently for a long time, enjoying the conversation.

Well, I obviously wasn't sitting silently enough, because at one point I was startled by the sight of my Dad staring at me from the front of the couch.

His eyebrows were one dark line of fury.

He didn't say a thing, but I got up and walked straight to bed.


This Post is all Over the Place

family canoe on car instagram
Moses is almost always dry at night, but one night he had an accident.

Mom, did you know that my pillow can pee?
Woo asked the kids how they could show love to Mom and Dad. There was a chorus of:
Do chores!
Clean up messes!
Don't make messes!
If you make one, clean it up!
(Can you tell what we get on the kids' backs about?)

And Moses yelled,

If you see a fire, pour water on it!!
I hope you never have to show me love in that way, Moses.

Ruby enjoys being able to change clothes and characters several times a day now. This is one of her dress ups. She called it "boy pioneer."

little girl dressed up as boy pioneer instagram

Penelope had a stinky diaper which led to a conversation between the kids about them all having had stinky diapers at times when they were babies. Some one yelled,
Even Mom had stinky diapers!
Herbie (scoffed): They didn't have diapers when Mom was a baby!
Out of the blue Moses asked me,
Why do we have to do chores?
And then decided to try and answer his own question.
Because Jesus does chores?
I just laughed, but Woo told him, "Yes, probably, Moses."

Each night before the kids go to bed we sing a song. We rotate who picks it from Moses on up. Linus has been yelling out a song suggestion the last few nights, so we decided to let him have his first turn.
Me: Would you like to pick the song, Linus?
Linus: Yes!!!
Me: What song?
Linus: Bike!!!
While the rest of us sang, "I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike ... "
Linus sang,
I DO ... BIKE! I DO ... BIKE!
Timing it so that he sang the word "bike" when the rest of us sang "bicycle."

Moses was telling us about a couple in the neighborhood.
And then their son came.
Their son was a girl!

And BIGGER than their mom!!!
Sounds like quite the son.

Woo's week started out rough: lawyers, indecision about what to do next, injuries ... but things looked up by the end of the week. He finally found a canoe on craigslist.

family canoe car instagram

And he found a fun mountain bike trail that he can start on just blocks from our house.

(We live in that little valley)

At 10 months Penelope was not crawling (don't tell anyone). I blame two things.
  1. She hated being on her stomach for a long, long time. She'd cry and immediately roll over when placed there.
  2. Once I got her comfortable on her stomach, and would arrange something enticing just out of her reach, a "helpful" brother or sister would run and hand it to her within seconds.
This week Woo spent some quality crawl-training time with her, and we now have an army crawl.

baby girl army crawl
And that's our week.


If I Hadn't Vowed

toddler boy funny ears
to only cut hair once a year, I'd shave Liney's head and dress him up as Yoda for Halloween.