25 Things

I know these were big on Facebook years ago, but when I read Kathryn's on DesigningAround, I remembered that I really liked reading them.

That is why I'm blessing you all with my own (from 2009).


1. Butter is my favorite food, at least it's the thing I eat the most frequently. (And I'm talking about the real stuff, of course!)

2. My husband and I had the same pediatrician as babies/children. He claims he first fell in love with me in the waiting room.

3. I read a lot of political blogs, and I'm up on national politics. My husband is into local town halls and issues. Together we get the job done.

4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a mom. I find it to be very fulfilling, engaging, entertaining, etc.

5. I want twins next.*

*I had 3 kids at the time.

6. I've had a* home birth and I use cloth diapers, but I don't identify with those homebirthing/homeschooling/anti-immunization/anti-circumcision/tandem nursing/etc. activists. sometimes I think they're hurting their cause.

*I've now had 3.

7. I also don't belong in the just-believe-everything-your-doctor-tells-you crowd. It can be lonely in the middle.

8. I'd describe my parenting style as "grouchy-old-man": strict bedtime, must eat spinach, broccoli and bread crusts, put a coat on if you're cold, minimal tv, absolutely no standing on the furniture... you get the picture.

9. I hate baby showers.

10. I majored in the wrong thing. I really wished I'd majored in, well, anything else!

11. Someday, I'd like to design a house for our family.

12. I recently learned html, css and have become proficient in adobe illustrator to help my husband in his entrepreneurial efforts.

13. I'm most comfortable around people who are hilarious and/or just speak their mind.

14. When i'm pregnant I crave cigarettes. Not to smoke, but to eat. Bacon bits are an imperfect substitute, but they help.*

*I've never eaten a cigarette, but sometimes the idea of it sure sounds good ... gross, I know. I never have these urges when I'm in my right mind.

15. I miss the days when I could just leave the house for a run at any time and not give a second thought to another person, but I know it'll happen again someday.

16. I've tried starting a blog a couple of times, but have never been able to find my voice. I now write a weekly family letter, which for some reason is much more do-able.*

*I have now, obviously, started a blog.

17. I love mid-century ranches and furniture.

18. The Jehovahs Witnesses dumped me because I didn't think it was necessary to pray like them. (Well, and I was never going to convert; I think they finally figured out I was a waste of time.)

19. Fall is my favorite season.

20. I studied karate for 10 years, but didn't pass my black belt test... which I should have, but that's a long story...

21. I'm intensely curious about the inner-workings of other people, but I have trouble getting past the small talk stage (which I find unbearable).

22. The biggest adjustment to marriage I had was getting used to making a real dinner every night. It used to be an annoying burden. Now, it's like nothing.

23. I love learning.

24. I don't allow myself to fear or worry about anything for very long. I don't have energy for those feelings.

25. I love moving. I like getting rid of accumulated clutter and arranging a new space.*

*I should now qualify that I like moving, when it doesn't involve uprooting a bunch of little kids and the accumulated junk of 5 other people ...

Did you guys do these too? I want to read them!