Ahhhh, Summer!!

toddler little boy hiking on trail instagram
This week was so relaxing! No one had to be anywhere at any specific time. There was no rush at all in the mornings.

The kids and I spent some time every morning doing chores (at our own pace). Even Linus earned his keep.

toddler little boy vacuuming instagram
And then we spent a lot of the rest of the day outside. I actually read some books lying in the grass or the hammock while the kids played.

We went on a family hike,

family hiking sitting on giant rock instagram
some walks and bike rides.

family hiking on trail by lake instagram
We washed and vacuumed the car. We even almost went camping. Maybe next week.

Ruby finally got her cast off. She could've gotten it off earlier, but Woo felt that later was better than earlier, since he lived in fear that she'd break it again the second it was off, and I just kind of forgot. She had never complained about it once.

little girl getting cast off removed instagram
The kids brought home a few games from school. One of their favorites is one I like to call The Raise-Your-Hand-Game.

"Raise your hand if you like doughnuts!" "Raise your hand if you're older than 3!" And so on.
Herbie: Raise your hand if you've tattled!


Mom!! I said, "Raise your hand if you've tattled," and nobody raised their hand!!
little boy brothers instagramPenelope really, really fought the hat we made her wear whenever she was in the sun. She'd pull it off; we'd put it back on. She'd pull it off; we'd put it back on.

baby girl pulling hat off in baby backpack instagram
Eventually, we wore her down. Or she decided to take a snooze in the comfort of the bouncing backpack.

baby girl in backpack instagram
Ruby enjoyed dressing up. Harry Potter and a cowgirl, excuse me, cowBOY, were her favorites. Moses (of all people) tried to taunt her.
Moses: Why are you wearing that shirt, and pants (chaps), and vest, Ruby?

Ruby: Because I'm a cowboy.

Moses: Oo-ooh! Then why don't you go to the cowboy store?

And buy a horse?
I think she probably thought that was a fine idea.

little girl wearing giant leaf on head instagram
Thanks to that Strava App, and the nice weather, and a friend that calls frequently, Woo's been doing A LOT of bike riding. He lost all his winter flab in a matter of weeks, and likes to brag about how he's just not that hungry anymore (unless you feed him a Fat Boy ... then he can eat the whole box).

How do you guys spend your summer? How do you wish you spent it?