Guest Story: Dandelions

Todays guest post comes from Sarah O'Gwin. Sarah blogs at Hope for Sarah.

I'm a Momma to two babies. I cook, clean, do laundry, drive carpool, playdates, organize the fridge. I enjoy canning, crafting, gardening, reading, have become an impulsive weed puller, love to get my hands dirty working. I am a farm girl, love selling fruit at the Farmer's Market. I'm happy when I wake up in the morning!! That's a talent...right? I dislike cleaning toilets, but do it anyway. The best thing about my family is that we stick together no matter what. No. Matter. What. xo

I was 6 years old, It was so hot outside, and I was running. Up the hill, down the hill, on the grass, my blonde hair whipping in the warm wind. I was searching for flowers I had to get the perfect amount. I had yellow dandelions, tiny purple flowers, white sweet peas, I had cheezies, a handful of them, even some grass! I was so excited, so proud to present them to my Momma. I ran into the house, and I remember her greeting me, I was happy. She was happy. She smiled as I handed her my bunch of wadded flowers. I wiped my hand off onto my pants. She asked if they were for her, I said Yes! I watched her go to her china cupboard and pull out her most beautiful vase. She filled it with water, and carefully separated my bunch, placing each stem inside. She was finished, and put the vase onto the kitchen table. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. We stood and looked at them. She praised me saying they were the most beautiful flowers she had ever gotten, and bent down to hug me. I felt special. I ran outside embraced by the warm summer afternoon. She left them in the vase for quite a few days, and in my mind I can still see those flowers sitting in all of their glory, on the kitchen table.

She never once said "Sarah, these are weeds, don't pick them!", she only made me feel special, not just by her words, but by her actions. This is one of my sweet memories of my Momma. She died 2 years later, leaving a hole in my heart...only later did I recognize that she taught me an important lesson that day. There is beauty in all things that God has created, and by taking the time to show love, many lessons will be learned even with small, yellow dandelions. xo