Hiding Places

close up little toddler girl 70s instagramOne of the fun things about being a kid is hiding everywhere. All the time.

One of the not fun things is that adults always find you eventually.

I was one of those kids who was most comfortable hiding when people came to visit. I wanted to observe the action, even if I didn't actually want to participate in it, so I'd hide as close to it as possible.

When my grandparents from Wisconsin would come to visit, we'd go to the store. We'd load up on near-beer for them (gag!), and ice cream and ice cream cones for the rest of us. Us kids would be put to bed, and we'd have to listen to everyone else up laughing (mostly my Grandpa), until we finally fell asleep.

One time I had the brilliant plan to hide behind the couch after I was supposed to be in bed. I don't remember how I got there or how the room had been empty enough for me to sneak into position, but I remember sitting silently for a long time, enjoying the conversation.

Well, I obviously wasn't sitting silently enough, because at one point I was startled by the sight of my Dad staring at me from the front of the couch.

His eyebrows were one dark line of fury.

He didn't say a thing, but I got up and walked straight to bed.