More Hiding Places

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Under the dinner table at my Grandma's house was another of my favorite spots. My Grandma went all-out setting the table for Sunday dinner. She'd drape a nice table cloth over the table and put out her best dishes.

I liked to sit under the table after I finished eating. It felt like I was in a tent in there, under the table cloth, and I just listened to the chatter and stared at everyone's shoes.

Once a friend of my Uncle's from Toronto came to visit. She was exotic and black, wearing traditional African clothes. I thought she was beautiful, and I was absolutely fascinated by everything about her, from her hair, to her colorful clothes, to her rich voice. As soon as I was done eating, I sat right in front of her under the table so I could stare at her beautiful, long skirt and dainty shoes without being observed.

But the shoes were too tempting for me. I reached out to touch them,

which prompted a comment from her to the other adults at the table.

And that was the end. I was told to run outside, and was never allowed under there again.

Where did you guys like to hide? And was it really secret? Or did the adults in your life only tolerate it?