When You're 18 (er, I mean, 64)

little boy on big wheel

I know you're expecting a Halloween email, but don't have much to write about it. We went to three Halloween parties this year (including Ruby's Kindergarten party). Ruby and Herbie were firemen. Moses was a worker. Pretty generic, but turned out to be great costumes for the pouring rain we ended up trick-or-treating in. Woo was a baby. Linus was a fire dog, and I'm still not sure what I was. 

Herbie frequently uses the age 18 to describe severe, decrepit, old age as illustrated in this conversation with Ruby.
Ruby: And then I'll be 6!

And then 7!

And then 8! (They giggle.)

Herbie: And then you'll be 18! (They laugh.)

Herbie: When you're 18, you can't walk!

You have to lie in your bed ALL the time!! (lots and lots of laughter).

Ruby's experiences at school have led her to make some comments on bum size ("Bum" is a bad word in Kindergarten, btw.)
Me: Ruby! Her bum isn't big! You just think everyone has a big bum because your bum is so little! 
Ruby: No, I don't! I think you have a little bum. And my uncle. 
Me: Your uncle? 
Ruby: T--. You and my Uncle T-- have little bums. 
Congratulations, T--?

Speaking of T--, I'm reminded of another story...

We were all out sitting on the front porch, when a man wearing skinny jeans and white patent leather shoes walked by. The kids watched him, fascinated, until he was out of sight.
Herbie (still looking after him): Mom...Why was that man wearing girl pants? 
And speaking of bad words, Moses has discovered that he can make his siblings laugh by saying all the bad words he/they know when they think I'm not listening.

Moses: Butt! (laughter) 
Crotch! (laughter) 
Hip-bum! (even more laughter...) 
I've tried to tell them that "hip-bum" is not a bad word, but no one believes me. Moses even sang a song one day that consisted of the sentence, "Hip-bum is a bad word!" over and over again. You'd think the fact that I didn't care at all that he was saying it would be some indication...

And lest you think my kids are always crude, I caught Herbie standing at a table, pretending to give a talk this week, "And when Jesus was 9 years old, He played games and had the Spirit. He played ring-around-the-rosy, and gospel truth, and hide-n-seek."

And the second we lose anything Moses always says, "Maybe we can pray about that!"

Linus is still winning everyone over where ever he goes. I can hear people whispering, "He's so cute!", "Look at his little tie!", "I love his cheeks!" all through church.

I've learned by now that no one is ever smiling at me, there always smiling at him. Linus will be 9 months next week, and he's still not crawling. Is that normal? I can't remember. He is getting up on his haunches and scooting backwards, but no moving forward yet.

He's eating everything except the wait-until-one and too-hard-too-chew foods, so I just usually feed him some of whatever I'm eating.

Woo's Dad came up Friday to help with the last of the insulation, and the drywall guys are coming tomorrow. Woo's almost excited, but I don't think he can quite believe it, and it's not like he gets to relax, but start work on the ooTunes iPad app, which is way overdue.

I finished the picture rail and hung up my first picture this week. Onward to the bedroom!

I hope you all had a great Halloween! Talk to you later!