This Post is all Over the Place

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Moses is almost always dry at night, but one night he had an accident.

Mom, did you know that my pillow can pee?
Woo asked the kids how they could show love to Mom and Dad. There was a chorus of:
Do chores!
Clean up messes!
Don't make messes!
If you make one, clean it up!
(Can you tell what we get on the kids' backs about?)

And Moses yelled,

If you see a fire, pour water on it!!
I hope you never have to show me love in that way, Moses.

Ruby enjoys being able to change clothes and characters several times a day now. This is one of her dress ups. She called it "boy pioneer."

little girl dressed up as boy pioneer instagram

Penelope had a stinky diaper which led to a conversation between the kids about them all having had stinky diapers at times when they were babies. Some one yelled,
Even Mom had stinky diapers!
Herbie (scoffed): They didn't have diapers when Mom was a baby!
Out of the blue Moses asked me,
Why do we have to do chores?
And then decided to try and answer his own question.
Because Jesus does chores?
I just laughed, but Woo told him, "Yes, probably, Moses."

Each night before the kids go to bed we sing a song. We rotate who picks it from Moses on up. Linus has been yelling out a song suggestion the last few nights, so we decided to let him have his first turn.
Me: Would you like to pick the song, Linus?
Linus: Yes!!!
Me: What song?
Linus: Bike!!!
While the rest of us sang, "I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike ... "
Linus sang,
I DO ... BIKE! I DO ... BIKE!
Timing it so that he sang the word "bike" when the rest of us sang "bicycle."

Moses was telling us about a couple in the neighborhood.
And then their son came.
Their son was a girl!

And BIGGER than their mom!!!
Sounds like quite the son.

Woo's week started out rough: lawyers, indecision about what to do next, injuries ... but things looked up by the end of the week. He finally found a canoe on craigslist.

family canoe car instagram

And he found a fun mountain bike trail that he can start on just blocks from our house.

(We live in that little valley)

At 10 months Penelope was not crawling (don't tell anyone). I blame two things.
  1. She hated being on her stomach for a long, long time. She'd cry and immediately roll over when placed there.
  2. Once I got her comfortable on her stomach, and would arrange something enticing just out of her reach, a "helpful" brother or sister would run and hand it to her within seconds.
This week Woo spent some quality crawl-training time with her, and we now have an army crawl.

baby girl army crawl
And that's our week.