Where I Wax On about the Good Ole Horse and Buggy Days ...

Ok, this post is going to make all you young whippersnappers roll your eyes. But, it needs to be said. Sometimes I cannot get over how much the world has changed.

That was me in kindergarten. Do you know what I heard about for the first time in kindergarten? Computers.

I heard about them because our school had just gotten one computer for the whole school that year, and it was a very big deal. The computer lived in the principal's office. He used it to do principally sorts of things, but also, kids who were good (me, of course!) were allowed to go up to his office and play a game or two on it.

I played frogger, which was good fun, of course. (Although, one or two games just isn't enough.)

I learned how to type in Jr. High (and one year of high school) on word processors. Does anyone still use those?

We got our first first family computer when I was in high school. I used it mainly to play Solitaire and MineSweeper. I don't think we had the internet.

I got my first email account my freshman year of college (And I was instantly a fan. Why talk or call, when you can write?)

Facebook, YouTube? not until after I was married (and I've only been married 8 years -- can you believe how big they've become?)

I married an early adopter of Apple products, so Woo owned the very first iPod when we got married. It was white and had a dial thing in the middle. Nobody had any idea what it was, but within the next year or two, everyone else had one too.

Remember when I thought the iPad was a stupid idea with an even stupider name, and now I can't live without it?

So now as I sit here among our 2 iPod Touches, 2 iPhones, 1 Android (for programming purposes only), 2 MacBooks, 2 iPads, and have the internet in my pocket all day long, I remember those days when one computer in the entire school was a big deal.

Are you ever amazed at how quickly technology is changing? Or how things that we use everyday didn't even exist a few years ago?


  1. Lol! I could have written that line about the iPad! When Matt lost ours I couldn't wait to get a new one! Amazing how things change!

    1. Matt lost your iPad??? Ouch!

  2. Yes I'm so amazed and also freaked out!! Idk how I'm going to keep up with everything, the older and busier I get!

    1. Haha Whitney! I like how you always talk like you're so old :). I'd be very surprised, if you're over 30!

  3. I remember those days that computers were heavy and slow. Now its size can be just like a book and light (even though not as light as I hope, still has room to improve!) And I also can imagine how technology can play an important part in your life, since you marry a tech-savvy programmer! :)

    I love to write email, too! Especially, I'm slow thinking in conversation. But I'd get annoyed by some peoples who sit on the table face to face without talking to each but playing their smart phones (too busy sharing on facebook, I guess).

    1. Yes, playing with phones instead of actually interacting is definitely a problem, Rene. And Woo does help me quite a bit with technology related things. Where would I be without him? :)