Beauty Eludes Us ... Again

I was starting to get hopeful that *maybe* this would finally be the year that Ruby would start the school year without a funky haircut I'd given her, hiding her own handiwork.

I hoped too soon.

Somehow she got a giant wad of gum (from who knows where) tangled in her bangs right before church. We had only minutes to go, and I was under the gun. I grabbed some scissors and snipped --- some really, really short bangs.

Woo (as I was cutting): Have you tried freezing the gum out?
Me (holding a freshly sheared shock of blond hair + gum): Ummmm ....

Sorry, Ruby. I guess we're both at fault on this one.

Herbie: Dad doesn't know as much as Mom, cause Mom's older.
I appreciate that vote of confidence, Herbie, and it's mostly true. Except where it concerns getting gum out of hair.

Earlier this week, we assembled our 72 hr kits. It was really fun for the kids. They asked all sorts of questions about natural disasters, and came up with their own creative survival solutions and scenarios. Herbie, for example, suggests we camp by a stream while using our emergency kits so that we'll have water to wash our clothes.

But, by far, the most popular topic was the handful of hard candy in each pack. Moses was particularly obsessed with them, and asked us over and over again why he couldn't eat them right now, and what constituted an emergency.

The next morning at breakfast:
Moses: I dreamed we had an earthquake and a tornado, and we got to get our emergency kits and eat the candy!
A few moments later:
Moses: Mom, if you die will that be an emergency?
A living mother or a handful of hard candy? That's apparently a really, really tough choice for Moses.

Linus has a new favorite book: "Caps!" (Caps for Sale)

The first time I read it to him, he laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed at the opening picture of the man wearing all the caps on his head.

Of course, it only gets better from there, because the story includes monkeys, which are always hilarious. Linus calls all monkeys "George mon-key!"

We have a little boy Herbie's age on our street named Lincoln. Linus calls him Link-y.
"Hi-O, Link-y!!"
We also read a knockoff Curious George book this week where George and the Man with the Yellow Hat visit Mt. Rushmore. Linus was having a field day shouting "Link-y!" and "George mon-key!"

Penelope is going through several outfits a day. I'm glad she's moving, but she's collecting all sorts of debris from the ground and grass on her clothes.

Woo went to Boise this weekend to help an old friend pack his moving van. He worked his rear off and hardly slept so he could return late last night, just so I wouldn't have to wrestle 5 kids by myself in church. Thank you, Woo!