This is what the living room looked like a couple of weeks ago.

ikea grey rug living room
I was happy enough with the cheap Ikea rug (that everyone has), but wasn't in love.

And here's the rug I had in front of the door to catch junk off of people's shoes. It had a few issues. I don't know if you can spot them.

round rug curling up at edges
(Hint: the edges curled up.)

Obviously, things were not ideal in there.

But then I happened upon a great sale at RugsUSA --- 75% off! (It looks like they're 35% off now.) I was sitting on some birthday money that I hadn't figured out how to spend yet, and I got this gigantic rug (much better for the space, I'm sure you'll agree) for $139.50! (Including shipping and tax!)

new floral grey rug
This, of course, made my birthday.

new floral grey rug
It's so thick and plush; we've been spending a lot of time lying on it.

new floral grey rug
Some of you are undoubtedly annoyed beyond belief that the rug isn't under the couch at all. It will be someday. I'm just waiting for some other seating (a love seat, two armchairs, maybe?) to put on the opposite side of the rug (where I'm taking the picture from), and then I'll adjust everything so it works just right.

new floral grey rug
The Ikea rug? It now lives in front of the door. Much less curling.

ikea grey rug

Isn't it amazing how a rug can change a room? What has your experience with rugs been?