Dirt Devils + Weekend Reads

little boy dirty face instagram
little boy dirty face instagram

  • I enjoyed learning a bit more about the lives of George Eliot, EM Forster, Thomas Hardy and Emily Dickinson. (Yes, I just linked to Wikipedia. Get over it.) The first three were pretty much exactly like I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that Emily Dickinson's life didn't seem to be as lonely and hermit-like as I'd been led to believe. So she preferred the company of her nieces, nephews, neighbor children, and siblings to her neighbors. Who wouldn't? (I kid, Neighbors, I kid!)
  • Reading about the first three led me to pine for the English Countryside. Why have I never been there, and why am I likely never to live under a lovely thatched roof in my life time? Do you think they make thatched roofed mansions in heaven? Should I shoot for that?
  • And you sci-fi geeks, compulsive readers, etc. might enjoy this Dune read-a-long. Don't tell me you've never read/heard of Dune!? (Ok, maybe I didn't either until my late 20s, but it's a classic for a reason.)
Enjoy your weekend!