Happy Birthday Woo and Penelope!

All of the kids get really excited for anyone's birthday, and Moses was easily the most excited person in the family for Woo and Penelope's birthday.

He wrapped up several toys from the playroom in blankets and presented them to Woo.

presents wrapped in blankets instagram
And Woo did a great job of being excited about or interested in every single one.

dad opening presents from yound son instagram
Moses was feeling all kinds of warm fuzzies, and even did a happy dance, that I unfortunately missed on camera.

dad and little boy hug instagram
Herbie also lost his tooth that morning.
Herbie: I'm going to let Dad have my tooth for the day.
We don't do a whole lot for 1 yr olds in our family. Penelope did get a slice of cake with a candle, and I was pretty confident that I had that candle out of her reach.

baby girl cake one candle birthday instagram

But she exceeded my expectations. Again.

baby girl grabbing cake and candle instagram
Happy Birthday, little Lopey-Lope!

baby girl eating cake instagram
We also went to the children's museum, which was having a free day.

boy and girl riding toy horse instagram

Ruby played for half the time in the little school room, meticulously copying anything that the kid/s playing teacher wrote on the blackboard.

little girl at desk instagram fuzzy
Herbie milked the cow, and then settled in for a good book in costume in the front seat of the firetruck. I think he was the only kid in the whole place to even pick up a book.

little boy milking pretend cow and reading on firetruck instagram
Linus and Moses were the happiest playing with the trains and cars.

little boy at train table instagram
Driving home up the canyon, Moses exclaimed,
Mom! I saw an elf!

Me: You did? What was it doing?

Moses: Getting behind some bushes so no one would see it.

But I saw it.

Herbie (knowingly): I saw it.

Moses: Oh, you guys saw it too??
Hmmmmm ...

My week was good in that I got a steal of a deal on a new rug.

purple living room brown vintage couch grey floral rug instagram
Bad, in that I was super tired.
Me (lying on the couch, taking a break): Do you think you could make my bed, Herbie?

Herbie: I can try!
And sprints to the bedroom.
Ruby (very upset): I want to make your bed! I'm better! Herbie will make it all crumpled and stuff!

Me: Well, let's let Herbie try, and then you can straighten out the wrinkles later.

Ruby (satisfied): Ok.
wrinkled bed instagram
(We had to leave before Ruby actually got a chance, but I declared it --- Good Enough!)

I should add a disclaimer. My kids are not always this excited to help. Just when it's an exciting, new chore that I don't usually let them do by themselves (like make my bed, of course!!)