Interesting Reads for your Weekend

I am a voracious reader, and sometimes I find myself a bit desperate for something to read for a few minutes here or there on the weekend.

So in hopes that someone will do this for me (just kidding, everyone and their dog posts links on the weekend), I've decided to post a few links of things I've found interesting throughout the week. I think that in the future I'll add these to the end of the picture I usually post on Friday or Saturday.

Most of these have nothing to do with the usual arc of my blog, and I also know that not all of you will also find them interesting. I'll try to keep the links clearly labeled, so you'll have some idea before clicking.

  • I enjoyed reading the post "What it's like to be an introverted woman in church circles" because I am an introvert. I devoured most of the comments as well, and although, I had a couple of "ah-ha!" moments, I can't say that I've ever felt that I didn't belong or couldn't hold leadership positions because of it. I wonder what the difference is.

  • I've always found holding my newborn baby the second after it's birth a bit overwhelming. Maybe I'm not a horrible person, but totally normal. I think I'll talk to my midwife about trying this birth pause before claiming my next baby.