Mistakes. I've Made A Few

painted paneling primer one coat
I did something in the name of saving time that was so dumb and stupid, I'm sure no one reading this post would even consider doing it.

I painted the paneling (above the cabinets) without priming first.

painted paneling primer one coat
In my defense, I had painted the paneling in the closet next to Woo's office without any problems. I thought that I might luck out here too, but not so.

The varnish that was on the paneling is bleeding through the paint.

painted paneling primer one coat
I thought the bleeding might be hard to see in photos so I took this close-up, but I think it shows up in the other photos fine too.

painted paneling primer one coat
Another two coats (one of primer, one of paint) for me!

Sometimes it would be easy to get frustrated, but if I'm going to be honest, there's been something that's needed fixing on every project I've done.

What about you guys? Do you meticulously do everything right, and it always works out for you? Do you try, and it never does?