Odds & Ends

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A missionary was speaking in church, and I leaned over to Moses,
Are you going to be a missionary when you get older, Moses?
(That's something a good mom would ask, right? Not a cloying mom?)

And Moses was instantly irritated.
I'm a kid missionary NOW, Mom!

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Herbie and Moses got to visit some neighbors who take their slip-n-slide much more seriously than we do.

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Ruby started a bottle cap collection and invented a game to be played with them.

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You may think that Ruby's about to take out the recycling. Don't be fooled. That's a robot of her own invention.

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Penelope is now more comfortable on the go. She seems to be a little nervous sitting still for a picture.

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And she doesn't stay there long.

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Linus had hand, foot and mouth disease this week, and was not a happy camper for a lot of the week.

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Having his picture taken made him really mad.

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Ruby (reading the back of something): It's made in China.

My favorite place!

Me: Oh yeah??

Herbie: My favorite place is California!

Ruby: Mine's really Arizona ...

Moses: Mine's Disneyland!
They've never been to any of those places. But speaking of travel, Woo tracked himself mowing the lawn.

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I think he was trying to see how far he was walking mowing our 1/2 acre of lawn. It didn't turn out to be very accurate. As you can see, it looks like he mowed through our house.

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And lastly, did your kids leave some shoes in the park? Because my kids found them.