Past Blast: Choosing a Baby Name


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In honor of Penelope's birthday this month, I offer this peak into name choosing in our family. Woo has picked all boy names (except Linus), and I have picked all girl names (+ Linus).
Me: Moses, do you like the name Pippa?

Moses: No.

Me: Penelope?

Moses: Yes.

Me: Vera?

Moses: Yes.

Me: Vita?

Moses: Yes.

Me: Pippa (again)?

Moses: Yes.

Me: Thanks, Moses. You've been a lot of help.
Woo has also been thinking a bit about baby names. Here's a list he came up with in Sunday School. I'll leave you to decide which names are real choices, and which ones are jokes. Enjoy!
Rooster bollocks
Buster Brown
Darth earl
Earl Spencer
Earhole Cornwall

Ralph Steven

Vladamir putinstad
Ottobaun Smithers
Lichtenstein Lemuel
Vortex Q
Texas Hampshire
MacKayo david
Sigmond Friend
Sunshine underpants
Botox silicon
Rudolph Rednose
Willy Wally Woolly
Edgar Allan
Hells bells
Xiao Ming
Gordon monson
Grego eggo
iPad app
Flour flower
Pugsly Fester
Hamhock Vegan
Bloodslaughter princess
Orak Salami
Mitt Rooney
Sunshine butternut
Porky Butterball
Mutton Lover
Ziggy Zaggy
venereal consequence
Dizzy dagger
Mitt Jagger
Vern Erwin

Thank goodness we had a girl! How does your family pick baby names?