Sweet Toddler Ruby (2006) + Weekend Reads

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  • This is pretty much my investment/stock picking strategy; although, I'm hoping for more of a 30 year maturation, rather than 77 year. Actually, it's done pretty well for just 10 years (Thank you, Apple). Not millionaires yet, though. Dang it!
  • Should I spend $5 on this highly recommended photography app? It costs more than instagram, but is a heck of a lot cheaper than photoshop + fancy actions.
  • It should not be a surprise to anyone that eating out more is associated with obesity, but I was shocked to see that the average American eats out 6 times a week?! I couldn't find her sources, but assuming that's true ... Isn't that just painful? We eat out once or twice a month (which I know is the opposite extreme), and 75% of the time it's enjoyable, but the other 25% of the time it just hurts. Ugh!
  • And my obsession with the UK continues ... Although I would like to see some cities, I'm honestly not that interested in museums and shopping. I'd like to see the architecture and the people. Also a bike tour visiting castles and coasts sounds perfect. Woo thinks the UK is boring, but he does love castles -- maybe that will get us there.