A Ton of Family Fun

We got a visit at the beginning of the week from Woo's sister, two sis-in-laws, and their kids.

So, of course, we took everyone out for a ride in the canoe. Woo decided we should go to the reservoir 15 minutes away, instead of the one in our backyard, thinking it would be more comfortable for spectators, but the water was very, very low. There was no shade, and the shore was nothing but sticky mud (well, and lots of rocks).

The kids didn't mind the mess, and had fun. The moms were less excited.

lots of kids in canoe instagram
The next day while the babies and I were napping, Woo and his sister took a bunch of kids rock climbing.

Guess who was the only person there to climb all the way to the top?

little girl lifejacket instagram

Yep. Ruby.

Unfortunately, her repelling skills were apparently the exact opposite, and it took a long time to get her down.

Woo spent two hours in the sun belaying, and was very tired when they got home.
Ruby & Herbie: Why didn't you rock climb, Dad?

Woo: Because I was tired.

And my hands hurt from belaying.

(under his breath to me) Plus, I didn't think I could make it to the top.
I woke Linus up from his nap to find this:

toddler little boy snowsuit bed instagram sweat
A snowsuit and a lot of sweat. Fashion over comfort, I always say.

toddler little boy snowsuit bed instagram sweat

Woo went on a short backpacking trip in the High Uintas with some of his siblings and their friends the last part of the week. He was so excited, he packed a week before. This is a man who usually packs as the rest of us are walking out the door.

uintahs instagram
He loved it, but will take better shoes next time. He could barely walk in the door.

man backpacking uintahs instagram
While he was gone, the kids and I took it easy. We watched a movie in footy pajamas one morning.

little girl in red footy pajamas instagram
We went to a "train" restaurant.

little boy and girl in footy pajamas instagram

Moses (sitting down to his cheese melt, fries and root beer): Thank you for this healthy dinner, Mom!
I apparently still have some work to do on the nutrition front with Moses.

little smiling boy instagram
And Linus fed Penelope her first piece of cabbage.

toddler little boy baby girl cabbage feed lettuce instagram
I think she likes it!

baby girl smile instagram
Ruby also spent a night at Grandma and Grandpa's. She loved it.