Back in the Saddle Again ...

You know how some days just making dinner can feel overwhelming, and then the next day (or week, or month, or year) it feels like nothing AND you're able to do the other stuff you want to do?

My heart goes out to all you women stuck in the overwhelmed stage. You'll get through it. Be patient.

In the last couple of days I've caulked and patched holes in the mudroom, AND

Painted the trim.

(The nice thing about painting trim first is you can be kind of messy about it.)

Next up -- primer! Yee-haw!


  1. Just stopping by from Drab to Fab Design. Can't wait to see more pictures. I always get so excited when its time to paint and all the prep work is over!

    1. Me too! Priming is a touch more fun than wall prep, but still not as great as painting ... soon!

  2. Way to go! Glad to hear you're doing great! :)