Road Trip!

We got the kids, some clothes,

kids in car seats in car instagram
and some food packed up for a road trip to ---

kids in booster rear facing seats instagram
Rexburg, Idaho!!

highway idaho instagram
Ok, it may not be your normal vacation destination, but Woo's sister, Kim and her family live there, and after visiting there twice now (never in the dead of winter), I have to say that Rexburg is kind of cute.

I could enjoy living there. For awhile.

Plus, as far as vacationing with kids goes, it was kind of relaxing. You might think that 6 + 5 kids is a disaster waiting to happen, but in our case it wasn't. Kim and Peter have plenty of space for all of us, and the kids enjoyed their cousins.

We didn't really do anything different then we do at home, but being with cousins makes it that much more exciting.


little girls making crafts instagram
Sliding around the kitchen floor,

toddler boys on floor instagram
Digging in the sand (Ok, maybe we don't have sand dunes at our place ... ),

kids digging in sand instagram
Playing in the park ...

little boy climbing playground instagram
There was one person who was not at all excited by her cousins.

Kim has three little boys who were always trying to make friends with Penelope -- giving her toys, books, smiling and saying nice, funny things ... and every single attempt ended like this:

baby girl crying instagram

The trip also wasn't very relaxing for Woo. He caught some bug (food poisoning?) and was up two nights, and in bed one entire day (Thank goodness he can work in bed!).

Moses and Linus also had blood-red throw up one night in bed.

little boy sleeping instagram
Thanks to my pizza and Kim's beets.

little boy sleeping instagram
(Yes, we do feed him -- pay no attention to those ribs.)

Linus felt good enough the next morning to put his mouth on all sorts of toys (You're welcome, Kim!).

little boy whistle instagram
And Moses felt miserable until afternoon.

sick little boy instagram
We made it home safely and now have just a couple of weeks to get ready for school. Where did the summer go?

Hope you all had a great week!