Rope Swing + Quotes + Rave Review

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We decided to get the oil changed before driving to Idaho. We did have a few coupons, but because we have a fancy pants* Mercedes Benz that requires a special filter and extra quarts of oil, there are always hidden fees that get thrown at us.

*if 17 yr old cars can be considered fancy pants ...

One place had a coupon for $23.99, but was going to charge us $95 even with the coupon! Those coupons were getting us nowhere!

Goodyear Tire was across the street, so I ran in while Woo called Walmart. Goodyear had the cheapest price, and we all piled out of the car.
  • They had a toy box full of cars in the corner.
  • The manager came out about halfway through and offered us all some candies.
  • They had a little display to write thank-you cards to service men while you wait (that Goodyear would send) --- who does that???
  • And finally they charged us $5 less than the price that they'd originally quoted us.
It takes a lot to win over crusty ol' me and cynical ol' Woo to a business, but I think they did it.

The kids were definitely impressed.

Moses: Mom! Can we go here for my birthday?
Oil change it is, Mose!

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The kids chose to watch Harry Potter for their movie this week. Linus thought the sorting hat was hilarious.

Moses (very concerned): Linus! Don't laugh so much!
You're going to get a bloody nose!
Come on, Mose. We're not that nerdy.

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I often wonder how much Linus gets out of movies, but he apparently catches some words.

Hagrid: blah, blah, blah, park, blah, blah, blah ...
Linus (face brightening): My. Dad-dy. Day?!
(The park is his favorite Daddy Day destination.)

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Moses continues to be so, so sweet. Every day right before he falls asleep for his nap, he puts his arm on me and says, "I love you, Mom." with a little smile.

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On our Sunday walk we walked past a house that had been toilet papered.
Herbie: Hey! There's toilet paper!

Why did they put toilet paper in their trees?!

Ruby: I know what they're doing!

They're decorating!

Herbie: Yeah, probably for a wedding!
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This is the level of discourse in our house:
Me (to Moses): Pull your pants up, skinny-winny!

Herbie: He's not skinny-winny! I'm skinny-winny!

Moses is fatty-watty!

Me: Moses is not fatty-watty.

Ruby: Penelope's fatty-watty!

Woo: No, Penelope's tiny-whiny.
And later:

Herbie: Who's stinky-winky?!
This might explain why I always want to call Lincoln "Stinky-Linky" after Linus yells, "Hi-O, Linky!"

Haven't done it. Yet.

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There was a picture or two of me on the rope swing. Unfortunately not in focus at all. You really missed out on a pregnant-woman-who's-still-in-the-looking-fat-not-pregnant-phase on a rope swing.

Hope you all had a great week!