Squishy Baby Moses (2008) + Weekend Reads

baby boy sleeping with funny face instagram

  • Ok, so this is old news (and Woo can never understand why I always think it's newsworthy), but I can't help it. I'm always so proud and excited when Utah leads the nation in charitable giving. Gooooooooo Utah!
  • And I know you guys just can't get enough good press about Utah (I know I can't). This article has the potential to hurt some people's feelings (people from Illinois, Obama supporters, evangelical Christians ... ). I definitely don't agree with everything in the article, and I believe it's possible to give kudos without putting others down, but it was such a glowing take on how Utah is doing right now, I had to post it. Biggest downside? The Wasatch Front is getting waaaaay too crowded!
Well, that's all, folks! Have a great weekend!