Well, it's not Quite a Couch, But ...

I've still been looking and looking for a couch, and have found a couple that were *almost* worth calling on ... and this isn't exactly what I was looking for either, but last week I found this:

antique loveseat instagram
Just $25!! I could hardly believe it when the man texted me back saying he still had it. I loaded the kids in the car and sped down there before someone else could buy it out from under me.

Yes, it needs to be reupholstered, and the wood has been painted a couple of times. I think I'll just give it a new coat. It looks like the whole thing will be fairly easy, once I figure out where in the house to put it. The man selling it called it a loveseat, but it's really more of a chair-and-a-half; it's so tiny.

antique loveseat with kids instagram

Of course, I was looking for seating for the living room, but I kind of like it in the master bedroom. There's a fun place for it in the master bathroom too ... I kind of wish I had two of them!

Anyway, I already have fabric I could use for either the master bed or the living room. Maybe I'll see what else turns up in the next month or so to help me make my decision. Wish me luck!