Herbie Crawls (2007) + Question

baby boy crawls grass instagram
The question this week is really better suited for Mothers Day, but whatever, you can celebrate Mom's any day of the year, right?

The question is: What are your Mom's nuggets of wisdom? What are those little phrases that your Mom often repeated?

Here are mine:
  • It takes two to argue.
  • Nothing looks better than being in shape.
  • If you can read, you can cook.
  • You can do anything you put your mind to.
  • You can fall in love with anyone, so be careful who you choose.
What are yours?


Mudroom: Rough Draft

Finally, finally, finally! The mess of shoes and backpacks are off the floor, and we can live like civilized people again!

Civilized people who store their shoes in old ammunition boxes (Or maybe you just *think* there are out-of-season shoes in that bottom one ... ).

Yes, we drove down and checked out the goods that I talked about last house post.  We ended up getting some of everything he had to offer, and this is the rough draft arrangement.

I really like the ammo and military medical containers (some with the years 1944 and 1955 stamped in them). Plus, I want my kids to be able to read "detonating fuzes" before anyone else's kids.

You'll also notice that we ended up getting a filing cabinet too, and I did spray paint it. I just painted it grey, instead of some bold, fun color, because I didn't want it to be the star of the show, because, well, it's a filing cabinet.

But, regardless of your feelings for filing cabinets, you have to admit that they contain impressive amounts of storage, and I'm confident that we'll be able to corral the mudroom needs for our family in here for a long time.

I'm also happy to report that our new storage system does not block off the window, so the room still feels open and light.

The other wall in here contains all our hooks for hanging, and my precious potato sacks, which are always a crowd pleaser. 

But, that may just be that I often have people from Idaho come through my house, and they're just starving to get a little positive recognition once in awhile.

These potato sacks have been with me for longer than Woo has, and I'm happy to report that they're the best $0.75 I've ever spent (except for maybe on 7 of Macy's soft serve ice cream cones).

I won't pretend that I'm happy with the quality of these pictures, though.  The picture below, is more representative of the light in the room, but still very grainy. Ugh.

Here's to hoping my pictures only get better with time and practice.

Still to do in this room? 
  • Paint the back door the same color as the kitchen cabinets
  • Paint and recover vintage folding chairs 
  • Replace bathroom door with a salvaged knotty alder door we're storing
  • Fill up a couple of empty spaces on the walls
But, right now we're good enough to march forward with the kitchen!


Past Blast: A Pleasant Fall Week


little girl holding baby instagram

Fall is here, and it sure feels nice.

Thanks to all the rain that kept the humidity and the heat down, this was the best summer we've had in St. Louis.

Today when I asked Herbie to leave the kitchen so I could get dinner ready he said,
I no want you to make dinner.
Herbie make dinner!
Mom take a nap!
Ah, if only I could've trusted him to whip up something edible, I would've gladly followed his orders.

He thought he was inflicting severe punishment, of course.

On Friday, Moses' first tooth broke through. He's started to actually eat his baby cereal, and we've noticed that he spits up a lot less now that he has some solids in him.

Today he was dangerously close to crawling. He pivots and scoots and does something similar to a push up.

Any day now, probably.

baby eating solids instagram
Ruby has been great this week at helping Herbie remember what he needs to say to ask for something politely. She says it very clearly and very slowly for him to copy, and she always remembers the please (when asking for Herbie).

We've overheard her speaking to Herbie a couple times that way, and it's been fun to hear... "Herbie, can you please stop yelling in my ear?"... spoken very clearly and slowly as if he were deaf.


Brigham City

little kids brigham city temple instagram
We went to the Brigham City Temple open house this week.

Because of the lack of parking in "downtown" Brigham City and the use of the temple's garage for showing a film at the beginning of the tour and serving cookies at the end, we parked a few blocks away, and were shuttled to the temple by a huge tour bus.

The kids' favorite parts? Riding the bus and eating cookies, of course!

little kids brigham city temple instagram
They did ask a lot of questions in the days following, though, so that was good.

The Brigham City Temple is a cute, cozy, little temple. The inside is kind of craftsman-y and has great furniture (like almost every temple). I would've gladly taken any couch in there home with me (but, that may also be because I'm in the market for a couch).

There were a lot of large paintings by a local artist of people picking and harvesting fruit, great stained glass windows of peach blossoms, and they even had fruit trees on the grounds in homage to the local area's orcharding heritage.

little kids brigham city temple instagram
Doesn't Moses do a great job of posing for the camera?

little kids brigham city temple instagram
little kids brigham city temple instagram
little kids brigham city temple instagram
little kids brigham city temple instagram

He was still basking in a tour-bus-ridin'/chocolate-chip-cookie-eatin' high.

I guess Penelope didn't make it into any of those pictures.

Sorry, Penelope, it appears you get a free ride everywhere you go, OR you get to be in the pictures. Not both.

Unless, perhaps, Ruby is carrying you.

little girl holding baby sister instagram
Herbie doesn't do a lot of dressing up. I assume because he already considers himself an adult,
Me: Do you guys realize that some day you will be teenagers??

Herbie: I AM a teenager!
But, this week he loosened up a bit as -- SU-PER CITY!!

little boy dress up superhero instagram
Well, that's about all, folks.

little kids brigham city temple instagram
(Linus wants YOU to go to the temple!)

Hope you have a good week!


Spray Paint-palooza

hardware light fixtures candy dish to be spray painted

Yep, I got out and did some spray painting this week, while the weather's still warm.  Hardware, two light fixtures (one thrifted, one from the master bedroom), and an old candy dish.

spray paint hardware

I painted all of the above in a nickel finish because they'll all be in the kitchen eventually, and that is paint that I already had.  Good-bye coppery finish!

spray paint glass candy dish

The candy dish got painted yellow so it could live in the master bedroom.  (10 points to whoever can find the hidden deodorant in this picture.)

I also got this little feathery bowl on the same thrifting trip, but it was already a color I could use (Is white a color?), so I left it.

retro vintage clock white ceramic bowl
And here's a sneak peak of some shoe storage options we're considering for the mudroom. We're headed down to check them out today.  You can never have too many metal ammunition and military medical containers in your house ... Or what do you think?


Past Blast: It was the Best of Weeks; It was the Worst of Weeks


dad and kids on cot instagram
The Best:

1. We got the new nursery manual in the mail this week. As much as we all enjoyed gathering around the computer for Family Home Evening (We'd been working our way through some lessons online), I thought it would be nice to gather in the living room and look at each other.

I felt like we were in a church film as Woo talked about being a child of God, and Ruby spontaneously laughed and gave him a big hug.

We actually wondered aloud if someone was secretly filming us because it didn't seem real.

2. Almost every morning for about two years we've had "rug time," where the kids play with some toys on their respective rugs, and I rush around cleaning the house.

For the last 2-3 months something just hasn't been right about rug time, so finally, this week (sometimes it takes me a while to realize things need to change) I decided that rug time needed to go.

It was time for the kids to learn the tricks of the trade.

Every morning this week we've had "chore time," and Ruby and Herbie have helped me clean the toilet, make my bed, mop under the kitchen table, vacuum, unload the dishwasher, clean the microwave, the front of the kitchen cabinets, etc.

We've all had a lot of fun, and I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that work is actually a great thing to do with kids.

Herbie actually cried on Friday when I told we weren't going to have chore time that day.

dad and kids on cot instagram
3. Someone in Woo's lab moved and gave us tons of their fancy, left-over food.

4. Moses is up on his hands and knees (moving backwards still, though).

dad and kids on cot instagram
The Worst:

1. The fancy, left-over food included some minty chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips. I thought I was safe, but I guess I'll never learn that I should just stay completely away from chocolate while I'm nursing.

The caffeine kept me up late, and woke Moses up an hour early.

In our house sleep-deprived mom = grouchy, snappy, bossy, impatient mom. I was the worst mom I've been in a while on Tuesday.

2. Moses hit his weight gain plateau, and the doctor brought it up at his check-up. I was expecting it, and had spent the whole drive there getting mad at the doctor. One saucy sentence from me, stopped him short. (Yes, this was also on Tuesday).

3. Woo discovered that he could no longer find his website on Google. It was especially hard for him because he'd recently spent about 50 hours on a specific page to bring it up on popular searches.

He spent a few dazed and depressed minutes on the couch.

This story has a happy ending because we finally decided to say a prayer, and today it was back in the searches, with links, and better than ever (Yes, this is true!).


Penelope Finds Purpose in Life

toddler boy baby girl siblings instagram
Penelope has begun the very serious business of undoing any order she can find in the house.
  • Emptying books out of bookshelves? Check.
  • Taking clothes out of drawers? Check.
  • Removing dishes from cabinets? Check.
  • Pulling papers out of trash bins? Check.
  • Dumping out the church bag? Check.
  • Snatching dishes out of the dishwasher? Check.
  • Barging in and parking herself in the middle of any board or card game in progress? Check.
  • Extracting important papers from the back of the bike trailer while in motion? Check.
baby girl sneaking instagram
Oh, also ... Penelope thinks that pushups are a fun game just for her. I have to try to hurry and finish before she crawls up and gets in the way.

baby girl playing with moms hair pushups instagram

Moses is really impressing me as a big brother. I hear him kindly explaining words and meanings and grammar (as far as he understands them) to his little brother. He'll gladly run and get dishes or shoes or other things that Linus needs.

There are still flare ups, of course (usually over a car), but the funny thing is that as soon as Moses goes in for the hug and apology, Linus will hand over whatever they were fighting over with a smile.

You'd think Moses would cotton on to that ...

little boy squeezing cheeks making face instagram
Linus started a fun game where he'd end any prayer (even in public places) yelling:
I. no. say. AMEN, Mom!
To which I was supposed to say,
Ok, say "amen" Linus.
Then he could say it.

It didn't take long for Woo to have enough.
Guess what, Linus! We all just say "amen" at the end of the prayer. Welcome to the party!!
Linus thought this was hilarious and chortled,
I. no. wel-come. to. the. par-ty. Dad!!!
But, he hasn't done it since.

little boy squeezing cheeks making face instagram

Woo gave the kids back-to-school blessings this week. You should have seen Ruby's face and the look she gave Herbie as Woo said, "Your Heavenly Father is very proud of you, Ruby, and He has chosen you to be the oldest child in our family ... "

Ruby has no problem making friends at the park. She usually likes to play tag with them, and then show off by climbing up a pole. This week she had two boys on the ground looking up at her in what, I think, Ruby mistook to be admiration.
It's because I live close to the park! I get lots of practice!
I have no idea what this is, but I'm sure it made all the sense in the world to Ruby at the time.

little girl crazy outfit instagram

Labor Day morning:

Me: Ok! Let's do some chores, and then you guys can go outside and play!

Herbie (indignant): It's Labor Day, Mom!

We're supposed to work ALL day!!
Alright, if that's really what you want to do ...

Herbie was extremely pleased to catch his first fish this week on his Daddy Day.

little boy first fish instagram
He was very, very proud of himself.

Maybe a little too proud.

I've never experienced it myself, but there really seems to be something about a good catch that makes a man want to brag and maybe embellish a little.

little boy fishing instagram
The kids are still transitioning to school, and I've been reminded again of the best way to deal with Herbie when he becomes an irrational, crying, yelling mess.
  • Talking reasonably to him or giving him choices does not work.
  • Yelling back at him does not work.
  • Rewarding the other kids for not throwing a tantrum does not work.
  • Threatening to punish him does not work.
  • Ignoring him does not work.
  • Punishing him or sending him to his room until he's quiet works to a point. He's still mad, and likely to flare up again in an instant.
This is what works:
Hugging him on my lap while he describes whatever perceived injustice someone has inflicted on him. I say nothing (even if it's about me) until he's completely done. Then I suggest he give the person who's wronged him a hug, a kiss and tell them one or two nice things about them.

This is the only thing that fizzles all the anger out of him, and allows him to go on with his day.

Last year we had Ruby spend a few minutes upstairs having quiet time when she got home from school to help her unwind from the stress of the day. At least, until she'd gotten used to her new life at school.

But, I'm starting to think that having them both sit on my lap for a hug for a few minutes after school might be more effective.

It's cheesy, I know, but I've certainly felt tired and cranky and like the whole world is against me before. Sometimes all you need is to feel that someone loves you and is on your side.