Bike Camping (2011) + Journal Entry (High School Social Troubles)


Todays journal entry is from my Sophmore year of high school. All names have been changed to protect the innocent. Also, please forgive me for being a judgmental jerk; I was young.

(My additions are in parenthesis.)
9/19/93 Hello. Charity is getting on everyone's nerves -- about a month earlier. She gets mad at Kathe because she has a boyfriend so, Kathe gets mad. I'm getting sick of her. Most everyone else's sickness carried right on from last year except Brandon. I think he is the only one not sick of her because he is also the type of person you can get sick of and they get along fine. Sean and Brad don't like Charity but I like them so Charity gets mad. (These strong personalities must've unfortunately had a rougher time than the rest of us in high school.)

Yesterday Lyndy (my little sister) and I went out to lunch at Wendy's it was pretty fun. Afterwards we went shopping and I bought a bottle (I was a bottle collector).

I answered Jeremy today (for a dance) because my Mom wants me to be polite and answer quickly because it took me forever to answer Tim. Jeremy gave me two plastic bowls taped together with cheerios in it. I had to find his name in the bits of paper in the cereal.

Since I am the oldest I have been getting all those jokes about dating. Josey (my little brother) told me I should start to practice my kissing on my pillow.

I hope Charity and I are not in a big fight when we go to Park City (for a swim meet) because we are in the same room and that would be terrible to be stuck with her and have her try to say hurtful things to me the whole time.

I am making a pair of boxers in sewing. I tried to find a plaid that I liked but I just couldn't find it so I got two patterns with little flowers on it and I will alternate fabrics on each leg.

I think that I am getting better at talking to people that I don't know. I am still pretty quiet, of course. (Can't really say that I'm much better now.) And I try to smile more, especially when I say "hi" to people. Park City is in one week. I hope that it is fun.

Hmmmmm ... I think I'll try just one more week of these ...