It was the Best of Weeks; It was the Worst of Weeks

dad and kids on cot instagram
The Best:

1. We got the new nursery manual in the mail this week. As much as we all enjoyed gathering around the computer for Family Home Evening (We'd been working our way through some lessons online), I thought it would be nice to gather in the living room and look at each other.

I felt like we were in a church film as Woo talked about being a child of God, and Ruby spontaneously laughed and gave him a big hug.

We actually wondered aloud if someone was secretly filming us because it didn't seem real.

2. Almost every morning for about two years we've had "rug time," where the kids play with some toys on their respective rugs, and I rush around cleaning the house.

For the last 2-3 months something just hasn't been right about rug time, so finally, this week (sometimes it takes me a while to realize things need to change) I decided that rug time needed to go.

It was time for the kids to learn the tricks of the trade.

Every morning this week we've had "chore time," and Ruby and Herbie have helped me clean the toilet, make my bed, mop under the kitchen table, vacuum, unload the dishwasher, clean the microwave, the front of the kitchen cabinets, etc.

We've all had a lot of fun, and I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that work is actually a great thing to do with kids.

Herbie actually cried on Friday when I told we weren't going to have chore time that day.

dad and kids on cot instagram
3. Someone in Woo's lab moved and gave us tons of their fancy, left-over food.

4. Moses is up on his hands and knees (moving backwards still, though).

dad and kids on cot instagram
The Worst:

1. The fancy, left-over food included some minty chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips. I thought I was safe, but I guess I'll never learn that I should just stay completely away from chocolate while I'm nursing.

The caffeine kept me up late, and woke Moses up an hour early.

In our house sleep-deprived mom = grouchy, snappy, bossy, impatient mom. I was the worst mom I've been in a while on Tuesday.

2. Moses hit his weight gain plateau, and the doctor brought it up at his check-up. I was expecting it, and had spent the whole drive there getting mad at the doctor. One saucy sentence from me, stopped him short. (Yes, this was also on Tuesday).

3. Woo discovered that he could no longer find his website on Google. It was especially hard for him because he'd recently spent about 50 hours on a specific page to bring it up on popular searches.

He spent a few dazed and depressed minutes on the couch.

This story has a happy ending because we finally decided to say a prayer, and today it was back in the searches, with links, and better than ever (Yes, this is true!).