Past Blast: Last Year's First Day of School


boy and girl first day of school instagram
The day Herbie's been waiting for his ENTIRE life finally arrived!

Starting Kindergarten!!!

Herbie came home and told us every detail. I felt almost like I'd been there with him.

He told us:
  • of trying to get off the bus when it arrived at school, but being unable to because of the big kids from behind rushing past (some of them pushing him back into the seat),
  • of things the bus driver had said over the intercom,
  • who he sat by during story time,
  • everything.
He told us that his teacher tied his shoe at recess when someone stepped on one of the laces, and then later his teacher read a story about a girl who went to Kindergarten for the first time and didn't know how to tie her shoes.


Herbie is in serious danger of becoming the teacher's pet, what with his affinity for older women, his ability to sit still, and his desire to do this school thing perfectly.

two little boys first day of kindergarten instagram
(Herbie and Linky)

Ruby, on the other hand, has been working on her love life.

Henry is her new best friend,
Ruby: I think I'm in love with him.

I'm going to marry him.
Which, of course, is almost as good as done.
Ruby: Parker says he's going to marry Melissa.
(When we smile) It's true.

He's really going to marry her.
Except for later this week she appeared indecisive.

It appears that another boy has entered into the mix, as well as memories of her old flame, Evan, from Kindergarten.

I'm sure she'll work it out before the time comes.

Ruby had library day this week and brought back the same book she first checked out last year, A Day in the Life of a Police Officer.

It shows a female police officer who helps a lost boy find his way home and captures an escaped bear from the zoo in a garage.

kids at bus stop first day of school
The first morning Ruby and Herbie climbed onto the bus, Moses frowned at me,
There's no kids left.

Me: What's Linus?

Moses: A baby.

Me: What are you?
He laughed and pitched his voice high,
A baby!
And I haven't seen him being sad about being left at home since.

He was very excited when we drove down to town that same day while they were in school, and he saw "a giant m&m", an ambulance, and ate a donut.

He told me he was going to tell Ruby and Herbie all about it when they got home, and he did.

I've discovered that when Ruby and Herbie are gone, Moses is pretty good at cleaning up. Part of it is probably the individual attention and part of it is that no one else is going to do it, if he just stands around or slips into a corner to play with cars.