A Pleasant Fall Week

little girl holding baby instagram

Fall is here, and it sure feels nice.

Thanks to all the rain that kept the humidity and the heat down, this was the best summer we've had in St. Louis.

Today when I asked Herbie to leave the kitchen so I could get dinner ready he said,
I no want you to make dinner.
Herbie make dinner!
Mom take a nap!
Ah, if only I could've trusted him to whip up something edible, I would've gladly followed his orders.

He thought he was inflicting severe punishment, of course.

On Friday, Moses' first tooth broke through. He's started to actually eat his baby cereal, and we've noticed that he spits up a lot less now that he has some solids in him.

Today he was dangerously close to crawling. He pivots and scoots and does something similar to a push up.

Any day now, probably.

baby eating solids instagram
Ruby has been great this week at helping Herbie remember what he needs to say to ask for something politely. She says it very clearly and very slowly for him to copy, and she always remembers the please (when asking for Herbie).

We've overheard her speaking to Herbie a couple times that way, and it's been fun to hear... "Herbie, can you please stop yelling in my ear?"... spoken very clearly and slowly as if he were deaf.