Purchases and Acquisitions

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1. New Health Insurance for everyone:

Not exactly the stuff that dreams are made of, but necessary.

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2. Mercedes Benz 7-Passenger Wagon:

I know some of you may be thinking, "Oh, another Saab...", and you may be right, but that minivan pill is a tough one for me to swallow, and I'm hoping to dodge it a few more years.

Our wagon was selling at a great price, but Steven still managed to get it for less, even though I didn't think he had a leg to stand on.

I was very surprised when the dealer called us four hours later to tell us what a great price the car was selling at (and I had to agree with him), but Steven stood his ground, and the guy called back 5 minutes later saying he'd take our offer.

3. Handy Andy:

The temple is closed so Steven and I decided to use our evening without the kids to start painting the trim on the house.

After a half hour of trying to remove old paint with wire brushes, we admitted that we absolutely hated the job.

An hour in, we discussed hiring someone else to do it.

An hour and a half in, we cleaned up, and went out for ice cream.

Handy Andy is the company name of our handyman neighbor two doors down. Woo and I call him "dirty man" because we've never seen anyone filthier, the kids call him "Hey neighbor!", and his real(?) name is JC.

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4. Light-Up Shoes, Jack-O-Lantern Crocs and a Romper:

While we were struggling with our wire brushes, the kids were receiving hand-me-downs from the sitter.

Herbie has coveted a pair of crocs anytime he's seen them, and I've always resisted buying him any. Now he has a pair of Jack-O-Lantern crocs.

I don't think Ruby even knew that light-up shoes existed, but once she saw them she was completely won over.

A romper is decidedly less exciting, but Moses still seemed thrilled.

One of the best nights of their lives?