Taskmaster Woo

The great thing about having the youngest family in the neighborhood is that everyone gives us stuff that their kids have grown out of.

Someone brought over this slide last week.

little girl water slide instagram
The kids were out-of-their-minds excited. Even Linus skipped around yelling, "wa-ter-ide!" all day long.

His enthusiasm got cooler the taller the slide got, but Woo insisted he try it out.

little boy water slide instagram terror
And for good reason; He loved it!

little boy crying in pool instagram
Penelope was safe (for a time ... ) in the shade eating snacks with me.

baby girl eating instagram
Moses wanted to use the restroom in the middle of church, and Woo didn't believe him, having just taken him right before the meeting began. When it was over, Woo asked Moses how he was.
Moses: Dad, good! I don't need to go potty anymore!

Woo (teaching an important lesson): No, that means you didn't really need to go when you said you did.

Moses: No, I really did, but then my poo changed its mind!

It didn't want to go in the toilet!
little boy water slide instagramOne kind of funny thing about kids is that they have no sense of time.
Moses (the second Herbie comes home from school): Herbie! Mom said Halloween is next week!!!
Me: Um, no. I said Halloween's in two months.
Linus is always talking about his Daddy Day.
Linus: Mine Dad-dy Day next week.
Us: No, Linus, your Daddy Day is tomorrow.
Linus: Oh. Mine Dad-dy Day to-morr-ow?
Us: Yes.
Linus: Mine Dad-dy Day to-morr-ow.
The next week ...
Linus: Mine Dad-dy Day to-morr-ow!
Us: No, Linus, your Daddy Day is not for a long time.
Linus: Oh. Mine Dad-dy Day long. time?
Us: Yes.
Linus: Mine Dad-dy Day long. time.
And he'll just keep saying that until we tell him to change.
Herbie (riding his bike behind us): WOW!!!

Ruby just rode FOUR minutes with her hands off the handle bars!!!

Woo (muttering under his breath): And by 4 minutes, Herbie, you really mean 3 seconds?
(FYI Ruby can ride without hands for more then 3 seconds, but also less than 4 minutes.)

little boy water slide instagram
One night after dinner Woo decided to ride the clown bike to the park.

He pedaled and pedaled and pedaled and pedaled and pedaled and pedaled and pedaled and had gone 10 feet.

The kids were halfway to the park, but he soldiered on -- getting to the park just in time to head home (Ok, he had a bit more time than that).

man on clown bike instagram
The good news was: he got enough of a workout that he didn't need to go on a real bike ride after the kids went to bed.

Pop Quiz: Who has the bigger belly -- Linus or me?

pregnant mom and little boy compare bellies instagram
And here's a final shot of my little family. Aren't they cute?

family photo instagram

Too bad I'm not in it. We could've used it for our Christmas card!