little girl holding lizard instagram

Ruby's teacher started sending the class pet, Leonardo, home with kids on the weekend.  Ruby signed up for the very first weekend, which just happened to be fall break (4 day weekend).

It's been tons of fun for the kids to have a pet for a little while.

Linus pattered around the corner in his jammies every 5 seconds to keep Woo updated on the Leonardo happenings.
'Ado, awake, Dad!! 
'Ado, eating, Dad!! 
'Ado, moving. head, Dad!!
'Ado, open. mouth, Dad!!
Moses was so, so excited to hold him ... 

Until the actual moment came.

little boy holding lizard crying instagram

little boy holding lizard crying instagram

little boy holding lizard crying instagram

But, apparently, playing with Leonardo's tail while Herbie held him was ok.

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Linus opted out of holding Leonardo because someone/thing had convinced him that,
'Ado, going. to. eat. me. Dad!
But, we won't be getting any lizards for ourselves in the future.  It's been stressful for Woo and I, worrying about keeping him alive for 5 days.

Almost the second we got Leonardo home, he fell "asleep" for about 5 hours. Herbie insisted that he was dead.  

Woo and I finally decided that maybe he was cold, so we set his cage on the space heater, and covered it all with a blanket. 

Leonardo woke up and started moving. 

The next time we checked on him, his mouth was wide open, and the glass was hot to the touch.  

Afraid we would roast him or freeze him, Woo got up 2 or 3 times during the night to check on him.
Me: Wow. Leonardo's been through quite the roller coaster with us, hasn't he?
Woo: Somehow, I think Leonardo gets to experience a roller coaster ride every weekend.
And I'm afraid he's probably right. Poor, Leonardo.

He's still alive as we speak ... wish us luck ... until I can deliver him back to the school tomorrow morning.

little boy holding lizard instagram

We also had Parent Teacher Conferences this week, and we heard pretty much what we expected to hear. Ruby is an excellent student and is off-the-charts social. Herbie does well socially, and performs off-the-charts academically.

His teacher suggested that we let Herbie enjoy life as a six year old, and that he'd get lots of opportunities to help and be a leader in class. That was basically our philosophy anyway, and nobody enjoys helping and being a leader more than Herbie.

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Penelope might be our first child to say "Yes!" before she says, "No!" 

She's definitely got her "Es!" down, as well, as "eese" (cheese), and anything that rhymes with "Hi" (i.e. bye, eye, fungi ... )

baby girl crawling smiling instagram

Hope you all enjoy your Halloween this week!