Linus the Little Gentleman

Linus is at that pleasant age where he wants to do everything by himself, and he's so eager to show that he knows how things work and that he can do it, that he ends up being very helpful.

Here he is insisting on closing the garage door for me.

little boy closing garage door instagram

On my way out the door for a run (well, more of a walk these days),
Linus: I. open. doors. for. you!!
And before I can even react,
Linus: Welcome, Mom!
He loves to push Penelope in the stroller, and flush the toilet for anyone who needs it.

But, his finest moment this week came at breakfast. 

Linus had taken the seat Herbie wanted while Herbie had gone upstairs, and when he didn't move, Herbie had a hard time getting over it.  

I was giving Herbie a hug in the next room, when Linus walked in.
Linus: Yous. has. mine. seat. Herbie.
So nice, Linus. Thank you!

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Me: Linus, do you know what your middle name is? 
Linus: Toys!?
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Ruby saw her old 1st grade teacher at the marathon that came through town. The second Herbie walked over to say hi too, she blurted out,
Herbie wet his pants in school!
It's a good thing he doesn't appear to feel bad about it at all.

little boy finish line watching race spectator instagram

For years, Herbie has been pestering us with, "Let me see!" or "Can I see?!?" the second we snap a picture of him.  Lately, though, he seems to have given that up in favor of posing more like Moses.

little boy crazy tongue instagram

Moses likes to ask us lots of questions, and then immediately follow our answer with a, "How you know?"

He does this always, no matter how indisputable the answer we've given him is.


Moses: Why do you put sugar in cookies?
Me: To make them sweet.
Moses: How you know?

Moses: How old is Dad?
Me: 33.
Moses: How you know?

Moses: Why aren't you eating a banana?
Me: Because I don't like them.
Moses: How you know?

It gives the impression that he doesn't think we're very reliable sources, but he keeps asking us questions anyway.

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Woo's started a new project, which means he's reverted to his old, comfortable, stay-up-late-working-on-the-computer/sleep-in-late hours. I register hearing him type-typing away several times during the night. 

The funny thing about it is ... even though he sleeps in, he's always dead tired and low on sleep, and then it all convenes in the perfect storm. 

Like today, when the kids were super cranky during church, Penelope was scrambling all over me, and would cry if anyone bumped her; Linus was whining for a mint; Moses couldn't sit still and then fell backwards over his boots off the bench, etc. We were counting down the seconds that last half hour, and then the meeting went over 15 minutes.  Pretty much torture.

Then I needed him to take care of the kids while I made dinner after church, and he didn't get to take a nap.

I will say this.  Woo and I are both getting much, much better at keeping our cool in high stress situations when we're tired. And it only took us 5 1/2 kids to get here!

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I've suddenly gotten quite large. This week I started to walk more than I jog. I catch myself grunting while lifting my feet up to pull on my socks. I can't lie on my side or my back, and when I want to switch sides I have to do an 80-pt turn (grunting at each point, of course). 

And I've been told that I snore ... just 13 more weeks ...