Painted White

Hey! Remember that time when I started a project, and then I made a mistake?? 

I think it was like 5 months ago.  

Well, you'll never believe this but, I finished it!

The problem was that I'd foolishly believed that I could paint over the paneling above my cabinets without priming first.  It was a no go. The varnish on that stuff was leaking an orangey tint right through the paint.

So, while I was priming the mudroom, I also primed that paneling.

And then I painted it white. And then the ceiling.  

This is a big room; painting that ceiling was not fun, and even though it was already "white" it still needed two new coats (grrr ... ).

I'm going to be honest with you: painting stuff white is kind of boring for me.  I love color so much; I can't get excited about it, but I do have to admit that those newly white parts look so new and fresh and clean! Definitely a big improvement!

Maybe these before photos will show you a bit better what I mean?

Ok, that picture was more of a "progress" picture.

Are you seeing it??