The 5 Year Mark

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Woo and I had our fifth anniversary this week. We dropped the kids off at the Greene's and headed for the mall as fast as we could.

We were late for our appointment at the Apple Store.

Our computer had died AGAIN for the third time in two months.

After an extremely romantic hour there, we ate at a restaurant in the mall, and returned to pick up the kids.

Woo's best line of the week came when he asked the Greenes how it had gone:
Greenes (avoiding eye contact with us): Well... you know how it is when you put six kids together in a room...

Woo: Magic?
Ruby had a package of markers out on the the couch when we got there (without their knowledge), and Woo observed her crawling around on the floor and otherwise goofing off while the Primary was practicing for their program next week.

I've always considered Ruby to be above average on the curiosity/quickness/aggressive scales. I know what she's capable of, so I keep a close eye on her always, but these two incidents have me wondering: is there something we're doing that's causing her to behave worse when we're not around (or something we could do so she'd be better?), or are other people just afraid to tell her no?

Herbie has been going through shorts withdrawal with the colder weather. Shorts are his absolute favorite piece of clothing ever, and he will frequently admire other people wearing shorts.

I knew the only way to keep him from wearing shorts all winter was to remove them completely from his room and squirrel them away in the basement.

He's asked for them every morning. He seems to be under the impression that they're all dirty, and as soon as I do the laundry, they'll be back. I think he's going to be really excited when they magically return again (in about six months).

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Moses is a much happier baby now that he can go anywhere he wants to go. He's really been enjoying himself, exploring pretty much every corner of the house.

Our house has been totally baby proof for sometime now. I can't believe that I actually used to put plants on the floor or glass knick-knacks lower than 5 ft!?!

The only thing I have to watch for is that he doesn't get too much time with any one book, or he'll gnaw a corner off.