Best Week Ever?

In a lot of ways, this week was pretty exciting for Ruby and Herbie.
  • Fun packages came in the mail.
  • They each got a pair of cleats, which they LOVE, from the thrift store.
  • They've discovered that footy-pajamas can be just as awesome as suits or shorts (depending on their individual preferences).
  • We also had the tree in the backyard removed,
  • and the trunk-or-treat was this week.
We've been trying to get the tree removed for about 6 months, but the ground needed to be dry for them to do the job, and it kept raining on the day that they'd schedule us.

They finally came on Friday, and Ruby and Herbie were glued to the windows for about 4 hours.

Woo was only glued to the window for an hour and a half, and Moses was slightly annoyed by all the ruckus going on outside.

It was pretty fun to watch.

They pulled out the full arsenal to remove our tree: a bucket truck, chain saws of assorted sizes, a chipper, a bobcat "No, it's actually a DOG-CAT, Mom!", some stump-grinder thing, ropes, hard hats, you name it.

They did a great job.

We had piles of limbs that had already fallen, that we'd broken down and thrown in between our 8' ornamental grasses. They collected all of that for us and threw it into the chipper. They raked and swept up everything, left a truckload of wood-chips in a neat pile in our driveway, and occasionally waved at the kids.

I finally have all the wood chips I want (and that's not sarcasm).

Saturday evening, Ruby eagerly put on Herbie's three piece suit and church shoes. I gave her a mustache, and Woo taught her how to say, "I'm a wall street banker."

kids halloween instagram
Herbie was a little harder to please. I wanted him to wear the lederhosen, but he'd just worn them to church a couple of weeks ago, and he really wanted to wear his cleats. So he wore his adidas track suit and cleats---a soccer player.

Moses was a clown.

woman dressed as dog baby dressed as clown instagram
I was a siberian husky, and Woo was GI Joe.

man dressed as GI Joe baby dressed as clown instagram
We all looked pretty ghetto, but the kids felt cool. I was happy I didn't have to sew anything, and Woo was happy that no money was spent.

It turns out that I really like moving. Until we moved here, I hadn't lived in one place for more than 8 months for 10 years. When we'd lived here a year, I kept having dreams that I was checking out new apartments/houses, or that I'd found an exciting new room in the house we now have. Well, I've got that moving bug again, with no move on the horizon, so I've decided to reupholster an armchair, our three dining chairs, and do a bit of a furniture switch-er-roo. It's not the same as working with a totally new space, but I'm excited, and it will hopefully keep me sane.

Well, that's about it. I hope everyone has a great week. I'll talk to you later.