Past Blast: October!


Monday I went to one of those fancy, organic, grocery stores just to look around.

I rolled my eyes at yoga workout tapes, and new age and world music on sale. I scoffed at courses on the history of Buddhism, walked through rows and rows of supplements, and started to get the feeling that I'd rather be out of the store than in it.

For some reason a plastic grocery bag that said, "I used to be a bottle" under a recycle symbol was the last straw, and I headed straight for the door.

As I was walking out the door I thought, "Wait a second... I just ordered a yoga relaxation game for my kids... I use a couple of supplements I could only get in a place like this... We recycle almost everything... I do lots of other crazy, hippie things... shouldn't I love this place?"

But I didn't. I don't know what that means.

little girl instagram
Woo chased a frisbee out into the road this week at Ultimate, and Ruby sternly let him have it.
Dad, don't go in the street!
I don't like that AT ALL!
The cars are going to get you, Dad!
I'm glad we have her to keep us in line.

Actually, I have asked Ruby to let me know when I'm doing something I don't want to be doing (like yelling), and she's been very good at helping me be better.

Moses is moving forward (finally!) a couple of feet at a time. He's not super confident about it yet (because about half the time his head meets the ground before his hand does), but he has also decided that he's pleased with his ability to go from his back to a sitting position.

Moses is definitely going to keep our floors free from debris as soon as he gets going. He especially seems to love paper.

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Herbie thinks that I go to the cemetery twice a week (seminary), and one of his favorite words is "actually" as in: "Actually, this is MY mom, Ruby! No! This is my mom, ACTUALLY!"

Herbie got himself all ready for work this afternoon, by zipping his "ePod" (a shoe lace) partially into his backpack, sticking the ends into his ears, and climbing on his bike.