Ruby Red

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Ruby really likes to talk about all her new and exciting ideas.  Especially when she's tired, she can just talk and talk and talk ...

This week she started off describing a great idea she had for a new club,
Ruby (breathless with excitement): I'm going to start a new club! 
Woo: Oh? What kind of club? 
Ruby: Well, it will be an American club! 
Woo: So, people from America? 
Ruby: Yeah. 
And for people who like sharks! 
Or be a boy! 
Woo: So, it's a club for Americans who like sharks or are boys? 
Ruby: Yeah!
Completely switching gears ...
I met a mean girl once at the park. 
She was huge!
(Then for added effect ... )
And she spanked my bottom!
Hmmmm, doubtful. But I'm now realizing that this was probably given as anecdotal evidence for not inviting all girls to her club??

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(How Ruby showed up for breakfast ... )

Ruby's also started a bit of a Great Brain enterprise, trading junk from home with the other kids. As far as I know, she's been getting the better end of the deal. Some kid gave her a ton of matchbox cars, and another time she had handfuls of Werthers caramels.

I think we've caught her whenever she's tried to trade anything remotely valuable ...
Me: Why on earth is your backpack so big??
Ruby (sheepishly): My soccer ball.
Me: Ok, take it out.
Another time, I caught her with Moses' car rug rolled up inside.

Ruby really likes to tease. While skyping Grandma and Grandpa in Hong Kong:
Grandma and Grandpa sitting in a tree!
(Which is quite a bit closer to the actual spelling of kissing, then she was doing last year ...)

Not to be outdone, Moses chimed in with:
Mater and Lightning sitting in a tree!
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What's better than being able to put on "mine. doggie. jammies!" all by yourself?

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Being able to put on "Nel-Pee's. pink. jammies!" Of course.

little boy too small pink pajamas instagram

Linus is just now noticing how big I am in comparison to him. He most often talks about my big feet and my big pinky finger. He hasn't mentioned my bum or my belly yet, but you know that's coming ...
Linus: I. have. big. under-pants. like. you. Mom-my!!
I got to substitute Herbie's primary class today. He was so excited to have me there. He answered tons of questions and volunteered to do lots of reading, and then would look over at me to give me a huge grin and see if I was impressed. I was.

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I made my own ricotta cheese with some past due milk this week. As I was making it, I thought to myself, "I should receive some sort of award for this ... " But, I don't think that I did. Well, besides a good feeling inside.

And in an effort to use lots of that milk, Woo got to enjoy a couple of batches of his favorite rice pudding too. He probably wishes we had more gallons of milk approach it's use-by date.

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Penelope has suddenly decided that she really likes to sit in my lap. And she doesn't want to share it with anyone! 

Hope this phase wears off soon, or we're going to have our first case of sibling jealousy when the new baby comes.

Hope you've all had a good fall week!