What's a Little Pee When You're a Superstar?

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Tuesday afternoon Ruby and Herbie jumped off the bus.  Herbie was wearing a new school t-shirt and a too big pair of sweat pants (not what he'd worn to school that morning). 

Ruby was dancing around singing at the top of her lungs: HERBIE WET HIS PA-ANTS! HERBIE WET HIS PA-ANTS!

Ruby reached me first.
Me: Is Herbie your friend or your enemy, Ruby?
Ruby (suddenly abashed): My friend.
Me: You need to go apologize.
She ran back and apologized to Herbie (but still had to be reminded a couple more times to get over her glee), who had been sauntering slowly, this whole time, with a very pleased look on his face. 

Was he proud of wetting his pants?

It appears that in an effort to save Herbie from humiliation, his teacher had instead made his day.  

First, she said he could keep the new t-shirt with the school mascot on it. Then she had him eat lunch inside the classroom with her (to save him from the immediate assault of the other kids??), and told him a secret that he could tell his family, but not the other kids: He was the very best reader in the whole class.

New t-shirt and being the best: pretty much a dream come true for Herbie.

There used to be another kid in his class who was also a great reader. I asked what had happened to him.
Oh, they accidently put him in 2nd grade.
I love that he thinks it was an accident.

Ruby and Herbie also got a free football ticket to a local university's game as a reward for reading over the summer.

Ruby really tried to get into it.
I mean, no! 
I wanted the purple guys to do it!!!
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Moses either has a good eye, or he knows just how to compliment me.

When I told him what color I'm going to paint the mudroom,
Oh! I love that color!
That looks great, Mom! 
I like how you've put those together!
When I put on a new pair of shoes,
Those shoes are so cute! 
I love those shoes!
All of which are most amusing coming from a little 4 yr old boy.

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(Linus, not getting his way)

Linus' English still needs a little bit of translating. 

For example, when he says "puncher" he actually means "monster."

So, if he tells you that he's playing with his puncher truck or that he's pretending to be Cookie Puncher, you know that he's playing with his monster truck and pretending to be Cookie Monster.

He also likes to repeat the last consonant he's said a few times.  As in:
Dad. fix. mine. boy-pants. ts. ts. ts?
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Linus really, really loves Penelope, and Penelope likes Linus ... as long as he keeps his distance. 

If he's on the other side of the room jumping and rolling around,
Hi-O, Nel-Pee!!
I. right. here! Nel-Pee!!
I. wear. mine. dog. jammies, Nel-Pee!! 
Then she'll laugh and laugh.

If he's got his arms around her in a hug and giving her little kisses, then she'll cry and cry.

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Woo has spent lots of time this week going through all our old pictures.  He's dropped a bunch of negatives off at Costco to be digitized, and scanned a bunch more that we didn't have negatives to.

Which is why I can now post pictures like this to the internet.

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Sorry, Ladies, he's mine!