Color, Color, Color!

Because I like to decorate with lots of color, and because I like to take decorating risks, at some point, I almost always think, "What on earth have I done?!?!"

And this room was no exception.

Although, I don't think that now that I've got two coats up --- I can see the end. But, I was thinking that when I had half of a first coat on, and was shocked by the brightness of the blue every time I walked into the room.

But I held on to my britches, because I've been through this enough times to know that if I just finish through to the end, I'll be pretty happy with the result. 

It was also comforting to read this post by the pros at Young House Love, and see that the same thing happens to them too.

I'm also a firm believer in the fact that you can really make almost anything work --- with enough tweaking, styling, etc., and that may be the reason that I don't stress too much about my decisions, I just pick something I like, and move forward. The process will come out alright in the end.

Plus, I do this for fun, and stress just isn't fun.

What about you guys? Do you ever wonder if you've made a huge mistake? Or does fear of a mistake keep you from doing anything?


Past Blast: And He Crawls!


10 hrs after admitting at Linus' 9 month wellness checkup that he was not yet crawling, he whipped out a pretty aggressive army crawl right after dinner.

He graced our claps and cheers with a few smiles, but mostly seemed surprised that we would care at all, and pulled himself towards the next nearest object.

baby boy sitting smiling instagram

We have absolutely no concern about him swallowing what he finds on the floor because he can't even get finger food to his mouth yet. He attempts it while at the table, but stops about an inch from his mouth, and then opens his mouth wider and wider expecting the cheerio to just fall in.

Josey suggests that too many muscles are blocking his movement.

brothers instagram christmas tree

This morning we got the car's safety and emissions tests done. Moses found a couple of those car classifieds magazines, and sat peacefully in a chair looking through them the entire time.

Moses is still very sweet, and has started to compliment us,
Linus is so cute! 
You's cute, Mom! 
You's nice!
while smiling his sweet little smile.

Herbie (and Ruby) really, really wanted a Boy Scout's of America belt like Woo's, and Herbie finally got one on Saturday. We got home just in time for bed, so he put the belt in a safe place in our bedroom for the night. First thing in the morning, he picked out and put on a special outfit for church based on the belt.
My belt is green, and my shirt is green.
I didn't have green pants, so I had to wear these brown ones.
brothers and sister instagram

No one was more excited to see Linus crawl than Ruby.

She was all over him, encouraging him, getting him toys, giving him kisses, getting in his way, crawling with him, getting in the way of the camera...
Woo: I think we have video of every child learning to crawl and Ruby. 
And me saying, "Get out of the way, Ruby!" 
We've all been a bit irritable the last week, what with drywallers in and out of the house, the constant mess, and the time change.

I'll be happy when they're done and the kids aren't waking up an hour early.

We bought one fruit tree in time for fall planting. We wanted to plant it for Family Home Evening, but it was so dark and wet and cold, that just Woo went out in his flourescent orange, insulated jump suit, new cowboy boots and wool hat to dig the hole. The rest of us watched from the window.

We don't honestly have high hopes for survival, since a peach tree is what we planted, but at least we tried? Herbie told Woo that the tree was growing and looked bigger to him already, so we'll see.


Cranky Pregnant Woman Post

I don't know. Have I ever mentioned before how much I hate the week after a time change? ... wow.

baby girl sleeping in car seat instagram

Plus, I did myself no favors this year, going shopping in town twice (always exhausting for me), and working doubly hard on getting the kitchen done.

I really, really want that kitchen to be done, because it's a horrible mess, and every other room in the house is a horrible mess, because I'm spending as much time as I can getting the kitchen done.

primed kitchen cabinets instagram

The good news?  I think that I can realistically be done with the cabinets this week, and putting everything back in them nicely will go a LONG way ...

Anyway, it hasn't been my best mothering week.

At the end of a particularly ungraceful day,
Herbie: Get enough rest tonight, Mom, so you're not so grouchy tomorrow.
Yes, Herbie. Maybe I really should start taking my own advice.

winter icy snowy kids instagram

Herbie has lost 3 or 4 teeth in the past month or so, and Woo has taken the time honored Dad-role of being super irritated that someone is wiggling a tooth and threatening to pull it out himself every few minutes (and never actually doing it).

Herbie won't let Woo anywhere near him, but I offered to have a go to ease the drama, and yep. this one's still in there pretty good.

Herbie does a lot of spelling in his conversations with us.
Herbie: M-O-M! M-O-M! When's dinner? 
Me: Did you get some socks?
Herbie: Y-E-S! 
Herbie: L-I-N-U-S! Come here!
Also it looks like Herb Alpert and Herbie Hancock aren't good enough for Herbie, because he's been spreading the word that his Dad named him after his favorite president, Herbert Hoover --- news to Woo.
Woo (tickling Herbie): Herbert Hoover is NOT my favorite president! 
Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president. And I don't even know that much about him!
boy and girl reading instagram

And Ruby seems to find the most comfortable positions to read in.

Speaking of comfort -- every movement from me still requires grunting.
Woo (removing his headphones): Are you trying to talk to me?  
Or are you just moving a few inches?
little boys coloring on floor crayons instagram
Moses (walking past a volkswagon bug): Oh look it's Herbie the Love Bug! 
Do you want to kiss it, Herbie?  
(suddenly commanding)
Kiss it!!
little boy and baby girl sleeping in car instagram

Linus has a rash, and asked me to put some lotion on it. I don't think it had quite the effect he was hoping for.
Wotion! Stop. hurt-ing. me! 
Wotion! Stop!!
Me, walking out of the bathroom,
Linus: RAAAAAR!!!! 
(laughing uproariously) I. SCARE. YOU. MOM!!
All before I could even register what he was saying. I think he missed the bit about the actual scaring.

baby girl instagram

P.S. Penelope's still cute, and she likes to give me lots of hugs. That's always a bright spot in my day.


Linus (2011)

Too fat for the dollhouse ...

baby boy stuck in dollhouse instagram


Fresh and White

***Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're all enjoying a good day with family!***

Ahhhhh! It feels so nice to have inside of the cupboards done! They practically feel like brand-new cabinets!

Let's just spend a second comparing how they used to look to how they are now.

Inside cabinet before:

The same cabinet after:

Inside cabinet before:

Inside cabinet after:

Isn't it amazing what paint can do?


Past Blast: Awesome Week for Woo/Humiliating Week for Cheltz


For some unknown reason Woo's app had a huge jolt of momentum this week. Downloads have tripled, and he's rising in the app store rankings. He's spent most of the week at 4th or 5th getting more downloads than huge competitors.

His new update, that he's super excited about should be accepted by Apple soon, and Woo's hoping to break into the top 100 apps in all categories with it.

I was expecting the last mile or maybe two of the 10K to be rough, but after about 10 steps into the race, I knew the whole thing would be very, very hard.

I did what I could to hold on to the end... person after person passed me... I almost got to pass one guy, but I said something encouraging as I passed, and he quit walking to jog next to me and tell me about his injured hamstring.

4 girls from church entered the race, and based on runs we'd done together, I thought I would almost certainly beat 2 of them, but they all killed me. That didn't really bother me, but at the finish line everyone seemed to avoid me like they were embarrassed for me.

That was hard. Anyway, I'm over it by now. Another day, another 10K, I'm sure.

brother and sister dressed crazy instagram

Ruby is on a tree climbing kick. She's discovered quite a few trees with low enough branches for her at the parks we frequently go to, and has no trouble scrambling to the top and scrambling down. It seems to be the one thing she can get the little boys her age excited about doing with her.

Ruby has been dry at night, going probably over a year without any accident at all, but as soon as I started working with Herbie she started wetting the bed!


I know she wants the fun things we promise Herbie for being dry, etc., but it's hard for me to keep that up for two kids at the same time (especially when I know this is just a choice Ruby's made. She's not learning a new skill). I've come up with a rededicated plan for both of them that starts tomorrow.

Herbie can reliably be dry with me taking him those three times at night. He occasionally only needs to go just twice or even once, but I haven't been able to get that to be regular. Anyway, I have a new, amped up plan that goes into effect tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

Herbie is the kid that usually sits at Mosie's feet in the front of the stroller (unbuckled, feet hanging over the edge, etc.), when we go running. People are sometimes surprised that he'll just sit there for me, but I think he's smart enough to know that jumping off of a moving vehicle is not a good idea.

baby boy reading book instagram

Moses is walking quite a bit now, but not totally confident. He's starting to get some hair finally, although most of it's at the bottom.

It's pretty much a mullet.

I realized something a bit strange today, but Moses likes green vegetables. I gave him corn and peas the other day. He picked out the peas. Today he got broccoli and cauliflower. He picked out the broccoli, and then ate the cauliflower.

Aren't kids supposed to hate vegetables in general, but especially the green ones?


All Halloween, All the Time

***Dear Readers, Now that we're getting into the holiday season, it's going to start to be painfully obvious that I throw my most recent post at the end of a prescheduled queue when I finish with it, and these are not in real time ... I might try to do something about that, but I also have to admit that I'm in something of a holding pattern with the blog (Yes, I am going to pull the pregnancy card here ... ), so I can't make any promises for now, but I am sorry that events are posting weeks after the fact. 
Thanks :)!***

kids and dad with jack o lanterns halloween instagram

The last couple of years, Halloween has been a week long and all-day event for us. Which, to be honest is okay, because we all love Halloween.

We went to three parties. I dressed as a baby-having-a-baby; Linus was Hulk (although, he's much too smiley to get into character); Penelope wore her favorite jazzercise outfit,

mom and kids dressed for halloween instagram

And Woo went as me (Dang, I wish we still had those chocolates ... ).

kids and dad dressed for halloween instagram

After a night of being extremely uncomfortable and having to rearrange his clothes every 5 seconds, he had increased empathy for my situation.

But, by the next night, it was already over.
Me: My back is so weak, it almost gives out at least once or twice a day. 
Which is weird because I'm still exercising ... 
Woo (teasing. I think.): If walking s-l-o-w-l-y and lifting pizza to you mouth counts as 
exercise ... 
Me: You mean my walks from the bathroom to the fridge? 
And back again?
 On Halloween Day we went to the parade at the elementary school,

halloween parade instagram

Then a parade (and mini-party) at Moses' joy school (Sorry, no picture).

halloween parade instagram

Then back to the elementary school again to run the donut-on-a-string game for Herbie's class party.

little boy donut on a string game halloween instagram

You may be surprised to learn that after all that, the kids were too tired to actually go trick-or-treating.  It took them forever to clean up their stuff in the yard (after a great start moving the picnic table), which was not even that messy. 

kids moving table in halloween costume instagram

Ruby actually fell asleep in her room while everyone else was eating dinner. I took Linus and Penelope for a quick swing around the neighborhood before the other kids were done, and because we'd gotten candy everywhere else we'd been, it really ended up being the perfect amount.

The kids even got candy at the voting booth, and the I VOTED stickers, while Woo and I got nothing.

little boy i voted sticker instagram

If I ran the world, people would try to talk to my kids, and hand me the candy and stickers. Not the opposite.

And here's a parting shot of Penelope's "Dr. Seuss" foot.

twisted baby foot instagram

Hope you all had a great Halloween!



Primed and Ready to Go!

primed cupboards

Priming these cabinets took for-ev-er! I think I underestimated the amount of time I would need just for cutting-in.

primed cupboards

Not helped by the fact that I'm also painting the insides. Look at all those edges!

primed cupboards

Thanks to the election being over, I no longer have to lie in bed reading politics in the evening. Now I can work doubly hard on the kitchen, because I really, really want it to be done before the baby comes.

I can practically feel a clock ticking --- is that all nesting really is? A race with a deadline?